Eckington, Derbyshire, England


Latitude: 53.305268, Longitude: -1.372984


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice C  Abt. 1856Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5236
2 Charlotte  Abt. 1793Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5189
3 BARKER, Annis  Abt. 1839Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5242
4 BARKER, Beatrice Alice  15 Sept 1874Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5234
5 BARKER, Harriet  Abt. 1846Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5245
6 BARKER, Haydn Johnson  1882Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5238
7 BARKER, Mary  Abt. 1842Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5243
8 BARKER, Ruth  1851Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5246
9 BARKER, Samuel  Abt. 1849Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5235
10 BARKER, Samuel S  1880Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5237
11 BARKER, Thomas  Abt. 1844Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5244
12 BARKER, William  Abt. 1806Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5240
13 CADMAN, Ann  Abt. 1832Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7489
14 CADMAN, Charles  Abt. 1844Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7486
15 CADMAN, Charles  Abt. 1873Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7502
16 CADMAN, Elizabeth  Abt. 1865Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7498
17 CADMAN, Ellen  Abt. 1849Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7491
18 CADMAN, Emily  Abt. 1830Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7488
19 CADMAN, George  1828Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7487
20 CADMAN, Jane  Abt. 1845Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7490
21 CADMAN, John  Abt. 1839Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7494
22 CADMAN, Mary  Abt. 1870Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7500
23 CADMAN, Robert  Abt. 1867Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7499
24 CADMAN, Sarah  Abt. 1827Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7478
25 CADMAN, Sarah  Abt. 1872Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7501
26 CADMAN, Solomon  Abt. 1794Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7482
27 CADMAN, Solomon  Abt. 1836Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7493
28 CADMAN, William  Abt. 1834Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7492
29 CARTLEDGE, Hannah  Abt. 1818Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5505
30 DOWNES, Florence  Abt. 1876Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7232
31 DOWNES, John  Abt. 1873Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7231
32 DOWNES, William  Abt. 1879Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7233
33 FROGGATT, Benjamin   I1758
34 GOSLING, Henry  Abt. 1869Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5418
35 GOSLING, Selina  1866Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5417
36 HORN, George Mosley  1869Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6741
37 HORNER, Ellen  Abt. 1859Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7506
38 HUDSON, Ann  Abt 1895Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6357
39 HUDSON, Arthur  Abt 1871Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6346
40 HUDSON, Blanche  12 Mar 1893Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6356
41 HUDSON, Charles  Abt 1876Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6348
42 HUDSON, Clara  Abt 1874Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6347
43 HUDSON, Edith  11 Jun 1900Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6359
44 HUDSON, Frank  29 Dec 1907Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6362
45 HUDSON, Frederick  Abt 1865Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6343
46 HUDSON, Gertrude  Abt 1906Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6361
47 HUDSON, Harriet  Abt 1864Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6352
48 HUDSON, John  Abt 1881Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6350
49 HUDSON, Joseph  Abt 1867Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6344
50 HUDSON, Mary Ann  Abt 1869Eckington, Derbyshire, England I6345

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CADMAN, Ellen  22 Jun 1851Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7491
2 CADMAN, George  25 Dec 1828Eckington, Derbyshire, England I7487
3 GOSLING, William  25 Aug 1876Eckington, Derbyshire, England I5416
4 OWEN, Richard  1884Eckington, Derbyshire, England I3733


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal    Person ID 
1 OWEN, Richard  1851Eckington, Derbyshire, England I3733

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