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St Peter and St Paul, Old Brampton, Derbyshire

File nameOld_Brampton1.jpg
File Size122.03k
Dimensions500 x 375
Linked toSt Peter's Church, Old Brampton, Derbyshire, England; Family: ADDY/Buxton (F242) (Married); Family: ADDY/Hardwick (F1853) (Married); Family: Booker/Hibberd (F1432) (Married); Family: BOWER/MARSDEN (F578) (Married); Family: Bradbury/Hayes (F1921) (Married); Family: Bradbury/MOSLEY (F1244) (Married); Family: COTTRELL/BENNETT (F540) (Married); Family: Dronfield/Allen (F1307) (Married); Family: FROGGATT/NEWNES (F130) (Married); Family: HEATH/MADIN (F247) (Married); Family: HILL/BARNES (F50) (Married); Family: HILL/ADDY (F240) (Married); Family: HILL/WRAGG (F5) (Married); Family: LEE/TURNER (F534) (Married); Family: LEE/Markham (F1956) (Married); Family: Marsden/Lowe (F1830) (Married); Family: Marsden/Marsden (F1829) (Married); Family: Maskery/STEVENSON (F1530) (Married); Family: MAXFIELD/LEE (F533) (Married); Family: MOODY/NEWBOLD (F527) (Married); Family: Moseley/Hall (F1250) (Married); Family: MOSLEY/Bright (F1238) (Married); Family: MOSLEY/Hibberd (F1237) (Married); Family: MOSLEY/Sansom (F1248) (Married); Family: NEWBOLD/MAXFIELD (F530) (Married); Family: Newbold/Lowe (F1813) (Married); Family: NEWBOLD/Stevenson (F1814) (Married); Family: Proctor/HILL (F685) (Married); Family: Silcock/Brentnall (F1280) (Married); Family: Silcock/Stevenson (F1282) (Married); Family: Silcock/Mitchell (F1241) (Married); Family: Spooner/Boardman (F1468) (Married); Family: Stevenson/Bradbury (F1461) (Married); Family: Stevenson/MOSLEY (F1334) (Married); Family: Tomlinson/Buxton (F772) (Married); Family: Turner/Furnis (F1985) (Married); Family: Turner/Furnace (F1986) (Married); Family: Turner/Tomlinson (F1988) (Married); Family: WALTERS/TURNER (F1038) (Married); Family: WOOD/HILL (F652) (Married); Family: Wragg/Newbold (F1816) (Married); Family: WRAGG/WAGSTAFFE (F51) (Married); Elizabeth (Burial); Ann ADDY (Burial); Ann ADDY (Christening); Edward ADDY (Christening); Edward ADDY (Burial); Edward ADDY (Christening); Eliza ADDY (Christening) ['More Links']

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