Family: John SHIRT / Jane KINRADE

m. 10 Nov 1851


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St Peter & St Paul Cathedral, Sheffield

Parish Church of Sheffield

File namesheffield cathedral.jpg
File Size42.64k
Dimensions476 x 323
Linked toCathedral St Peter & St Paul, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England; Family: Goodison/IBBERSON (F1937) (Married); Family: IBBERSON/Loxley (F1955) (Married); Family: IBBERSON/WATSON (F657) (Married); Family: IBBERSON/GAMBLE (F658) (Married); Family: IBBERSON/TAGG (F1008) (Married); Family: IBBERSON/THOMPSON (F660) (Married); Family: Jenkinson/Nuttall (F1943) (Married); Family: MOSLEY/Dennis (F645) (Married); Family: MOSLEY/SNAPE (F950) (Married); Family: MOSLEY/Brown (F1982) (Married); Family: Sanderson/SCHOLEY (F1952) (Married); Family: Sharpe/Pearson (F1562) (Married); Family: Shirt/Kinrade (F1540) (Married); Family: Shirt/Maskery (F1542) (Married); Family: TAGG/SCHOLEY (F1009) (Married); Family: WHITTINGTON/BEET (F208) (Married); Family: WHITTINGTON/KILNER (F203) (Married); Wyrill Goodwin CLAYTON (Christening); Abraham IBBERSON (Christening); Benjamin IBBERSON (Christening); Benjamin IBBERSON (Burial); Charlotte IBBERSON (Christening); Elizabeth IBBERSON (Christening); Hannah IBBERSON (Christening); Henry IBBERSON (Christening); Jane IBBERSON (Christening); Jane IBBERSON (Burial); John IBBERSON (Christening); Joseph IBBERSON (Christening); Joseph IBBERSON (Burial); Joseph IBBERSON (Christening); Mary IBBERSON (Christening); Mary IBBERSON (Christening); Mary IBBERSON (Burial); Robert IBBERSON (Christening); Samuel IBBERSON (Christening); Samuel IBBERSON (Christening); Sarah IBBERSON (Christening); Susannah IBBERSON (Christening); Walter IBBERSON (Christening); William IBBERSON (Christening); William IBBERSON (Christening); William Gamble IBBERSON (Christening); Hannah SCARGILL

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