About us

This site was developed and is maintained by Martin Mosley. Martin is interested in genealogy and in the history surrounding his ancestors and their communities. Contributions have been made by many others, some, but not all of whom are connected to the families mentioned in the site database.

The objective of the site is simply to provide a resource for anyone connected to the families or the histories we have been able to discover. For the protection of privacy, access to the genealogy pages is limited to registered members. Registration is free, and there are not endless contacts from us once you have registered. We do like to know what your interests are, so please complete the registration form as completely as possible.

We’d also like your help in extending this site, so if you have any information or documents which would help complete the picture of an individual or a family, an occupation, or a locality, please let us know. Your help will be acknowledged and will be treated with the same respect as the information you can already see in these pages.

The site is a record of many years research and will eventually be handed to a secure archive in order to protect the work and to ensure it remains accessible to future generations of researchers. In the meantime our work continues and there are almost daily additions to the information contained here.

Please do not hesitate to register your interest, enjoy the content, and where possible contribute your own knowledge.

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