A £5 FEAST IN 1663 !

  • 24 July, 2010 at 09:23 #562

    An excellent detailed record of meals in the 17th. century is found in the diaries of Samuel Pepys. An example is here in this description of his own table on 13th. January 1663.

    'My poor wife rose by 5 0'clock in the morning, before day and went to market and bought fowle and many other things for dinner – with which I was highly pleased….. I had for them (his guests) after oysters – at first course, a hash of rabbits and lamb, and a rare chine of beef; next a great dish of roasted fowl, cost me abut 30s, and a tart; and then fruit and cheese. My dinner was noble and enough. I had my house mightily clean and neat, my room below with a good fire in it….. I find my new table very proper, and will hold 9 or 10 people well, but 8 with great room….. At night to supper; had a good sack posset and cold meat and sent my guests away about 10 0'clock at night- both them and myself highly pleased with our management of this day…. So weary to bed. I believe this day's feast will cost me near £5.

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