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    HI, I'm new to this site and can't believe that there is a whole site dedicated to us Mozley/Mosley's. Brilliant! I'm a direct decendent of Allen Mozley and Caroline Beck. These people were my Grandad Albert (born 1916) parents. I have traced the Mozley/Mosley line back to c.1740 via Ulley Web and was wondering if anyone has any information prior to this date.
    My decendent line is as follows:-
    Maxine Sheree Mozley b.1975
    Albert Edward Mozley b. 1944
    Albert Mozley b.1916 (m) Phyllis Radford b.1918
    Allen Mozley b. 1875 (m) Caroline Beck b.1878
    Joseph Mozley b. 1845 (m) Mary bagley
    William Mosley b. c.1806 (m)Charlotte White
    Aaron Mosley b.1771 (m) Elizabeth Slaney
    Aaron Mosley b. c.1740 (m) Ann Wilson.
    Can anyone help me get further.
    I am also looking for any info on Caroline Beck. I have parents names, and she is registered on the 1891 census (genesreunited) as being in Ulley, Rotherham, but looking on Ulley web she isn't on their census list??????
    Also, Allen Mozley has a brother called Horace whom is on both the census and Ulley web. It claims on Ulley web that he died in Wadsley Asylum Sheffield in 1906 (later to become Middlewood Hospital). I can't find any record of death so far in BDM records. Can anyone help.

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    Hi Wizardora,
    Welcome to our little site, I hope you will enjoy your visits here.
    I have done much research in partnership with the Ulley site owners since there are reasons to believe my own Mosley families are directly linked to those in Ulley. As always though, the problem is proving how!! Despite two years of digging and many thousands of records examined, I still cannot find where the link occurs. Probably a sibling somewhere is staring me in the face.

    Once we can break this wall I feel sure we'll unlock many more generations, and many unanswered questions.

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    Hi Wizard, I am Caroline Mozley the daughter of Alan Mozley from Todwick and Albert Mozley was one of his elder brothers.I played with Edward and Grace as a young girl.I am also looking for information about Aaron Mosley 1740 but I have so far come up with nothing. There were many Mosleys between 1600 and 1700 in North Wingfield so they must be related. I also have information about my grandmother Caroline Beck ( I was given her name) and I had the male Mosley DNA done in Switzerland so I know the original tribe we come from. I f you are interested contact me. I now live in Barcelona but come to England frequently so if you live near Todwick we could meet one day. Best Wishes Caroline Mozley.

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    Hi. I'm Albert's Grandson Leif Mozley. My decendency is exactly the same as wizard's (Maxine i presume), with the exception that my father is Charles Arnard Mozley b 1959

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