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    My ancestress, Bathsheba ASKEW, was born in Somersham, Suffolk and Christened on 13 Mar 1804.
    She died in 1857 and was buried 1 Feb 1857 in Little Waldingfield, Suffolk. Her mother was Ann ASKEW, who was Christened 12 Sep 1779 in Boxford, Suffolk. Ann's father was listed in Ray Long's lovely database as Blois or William ASKEW, Christened 24 Apr 1739 in Somersham, Suffolk. He married Ann SOUTHGATE 21 July 1776. This William's father is listed as William BLOIS, who married Hannah ASKEW.
    My two main questions are these:

    1. How could I find out what was Ann ASKEW's father's true name, and if it was BLOIS, why would his daughter take the name of ASKEW?

    2. Ann ASKEW gave birth to Bathsheba ASKEW in 1804, before she married Joseph FARTHING, in 1807, with whom she had three more children. My dilemma is that I have no idea how to find out who Bathsheba's biological father actually was.
    I descend from Bathsheba ASKEW's daughter, Elizabeth Ann BLUNDEN, who was the eldest of five children that Bathsheba had with William BLUNDEN. Elizabeth Ann BLUNDEN married David PAXMAN, of Braintree, Essex, in 1854, who is my great-great Grandfather. I'd love to know how they met.
    I have some info on the PAXMAN family in Utah. My mother's mother was Lula PAXMAN, born 1908, in Washington, Utah, daughter of Arthur Alfred PAXMAN.

    I would be so grateful for any possible clues anyone might have.
    Thank you,
    Yours in knitting up the raveled sleeve of Family,

    Rebecca Everett

    '…press forward…with a perfect brightness of hope…"

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