Brothers William (1795-18??) and Thomas (1806-1876) MOSLEY

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    I am seeking information about the ancestors (and siblings, if any) of two brothers:

    (a) William MOSLEY (b. circa 1795), who married Sarah WHIT(T)AKER at the Collegiate Church of St. Mary, St. Denys, and St. George, Manchester, Lancashire on April 21, 1813 and who was a warehouseman or warehouse owner in Manchester

    (b) Thomas MOSLEY (b. circa 1806), married Eliza SHEA(?) in Gibraltar in about 1845-46, was living in England at the time of the 1851 and 1861 censes, then returned to Gibraltar; he was a partner in the international trading company known as Mosley (Thomas) Hurst & Co., with offices in Liverpool, Manchester, Gibraltar, Calcutta, etc. This company may have been a successor to Mosley Hurst and Co. in which he was probably a partner with his brother William, who ran the warehouses in England.

    They had 16 children between them, and members of their children’s families are known to have been born in Gibraltar, in Lisbon, in India, and in Singapore between the 1840s and the 1901, so many M

    I have complete and detailed information about the vast majority of their descendants, well into the 20th Century, and other genealogical data about the non-MOSLEY origins of one branch of the family back into the 1600s, but I would very much like to find information about Thomas and William’s parents and theri antecedants.

    There appears to be no immediately evident information about this MOSLEY family on this site at this time, but if anyone thinks they have a rope to throw out, do let me know, please.

    Here is some additional basic information that may be helpful:

    (1) William states (in the 1841 census data) that he was born in Manchester, and he seems to have died prior to 1851, although I cannot find evidence to confirm this categorically.

    (2) William’s children were: Maria (1813-1817), George (1814-1863), Charles (1817-1818), Elizabeth (1819- ), Mary Ann (1821-1882), Sarah Jane (1822-1898), William (1825-1826), William Benjamin (1827-1827), Emma (1828-1870), Frances (1830-1864), Caroline (1832- ), Thomas Henry (1835-1881). George MOSLEY and Thomas Henry MOSLEY were both active participants in the family business, George in Lisbon and England and George Henry in Calcutta.

    (3) Thomas’s children were: Alexander (1847-1927) [later Sir Alexander MOSLEY, CMG], Eliza Jane Nita (1849-1864), Harry Prescott MOSLEY (1851-1924), and Florence Ellen Gertrude MOSLEY (1857-1936). Alexander MOSLEY converted the family firm’s business on Gibraltar ionto a successful banking business.

    If you have any ideas, do please get in touch! You can see more details on one of my Ancestry web sites.


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    Hi Mike,
    A death registered on Lancashire BMDs

    William Mosley aged 50, death registered Hulme, 1843. So suggests a birth year of 1793.
    Equivalent registration on Free BMDs is 3rd quarter 1843, Chorlton vol 20, page 150
    This age could be as approximate as the 1841 census age of course!

    Another possible baptism 9 Jul 1797 at Manchester Cathedral
    William Mosley – son of James Mosley & Martha

    These obviously don’t answer your question definitively, but they do give two clear possibilities.


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