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    I am searching for a set of brothers who were born in England and emigrated to the US, date uncertain. I have only fragmentary evidence to go on. George, John and Henry Mosley are the brothers and they likely emigrated to the VA/TN/NC area. George lived to be 100 or so (Likely born some time between 1786-1821.) He had a son named William who married and had three children with Cinthia Mullins in TN. He likely died by 1858/9 in his early 20’s. His three children were George W Mosley(b1856), Jeremiah Myers Mosley (1857-1932), and William Riley Mosley (b1859).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Matt Mosley



    Hi Matt,

    Happy new year!
    Do you have any information as to where in the UK these three brothers originated? Any further clues might help us to pin them down for you.
    We have a large database of Mosley individuals and families, but just working with three names born somewhere over a thirty five year period and with no geographic clues is going to be difficult.
    Please post what you already know and we’ll try to help.

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