Life 100 years ago

  • 6 September, 2011 at 21:15 #873

    In 1911 average life expectancy was… 47 years; In the US there were only 8,000 motor cars… And 144 miles of paved roads! The maximum speed limit in most American states was 10mph. Fuel for those cars was only available through drug stores.

    The American flag had only 45 stars. The population of Las Vegas, Nevada was… 30! There were 230 reported murders in the whole USA.

    I’ll follow up with more of these, but what a difference a century makes!

    12 November, 2011 at 12:26 #918

    In 1908 a measure was passed in England for a non-contributory old age pension (albeit only 5 shillings a week)

    To qualify one had to be means tested and have worked to one’s ‘full potential’ which seems to be a grey area. Pensioners also had to be over 70years and as average life expectancy was around 50 at this time many eligible did not live to receive it.

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