Looking for parents of John Mosley b.1815 Sheffield

  • 13 June, 2011 at 12:35 #586

    I have only found one possible birth record of [b]a[/b] John Mosley b. 1815 (my great great grandfather)
    He [i]could be[/i] one of the children of George Mosley b. abt 1780 and Sophia Mosley b. abt 1784, both of Sheffield. This John is born the same year in Sheffield as my g.g. grandfather however my relative has an 'assumed' brother Edward b. 1819 in the same household in the 1841 census. There is no Edward amongst the siblings in this family of George and Sophia. Also, the spelling of the surname in all the census of my relative is a Mosley, not Mosely.

    I wonder if anyone has any information to help me? I would be grateful.
    I am listing all the children of George and Sophia in case they will be useful for anyonelse.

    Catherine Moseley b. 9 Feb 1806
    Mary Ann Moseley b. 29 Oct 1807
    Allina Moseley b. 11 Sep 1811
    Thomas Moseley b. 11 July 1813
    John Moseley b. 1 Sep 1815
    Emma Moseley b. 25 Jan 1818
    Jane Moseley b. 16 Feb 1820
    Maria Moseley b. 21 Dec 1821
    Maria Moseley b. 15 Jan 1826

    Thank you for reading.

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