mellor, riley family of staveley

  • 19 March, 2010 at 14:14 #549

    Hello, I'm a newbie to family history and the forum. I am searching for any information regarding my great grand mother… Mary ann mellor b 1888 marsh lane, eckington.
    her mother mary elizabeth riley b1859 staveley
    father samuel mellor b1858 high acres, derbyshire.
    married 28 dec 1886
    I have them all listed together on 1901 census at westfield farm, barlborough. and know mary ann mellor b1888 was also known as polly and worked somewhere in handley, derbyshire. It is rumoured that mary "polly" mellor has friends or a relationship with a willian wright from leistershire. but alas nothing on the 1911 census..
    I would love to fill in the void of what happened & where did she disappear to.


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