Mosleys @ Rolleston hall, Staffordshire

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    My late fathers story

    My great aunts Lizzy and May Taft used to work at Rolleston Hall,Rolleston Staffordshire for Oswald Ernald Mosley 6th Baronet of Ancoats (and politician) around 1900-1930s. They used to live in a largish house next to the hall which suggests the were quite well off or looked after. My father has took  me to the house of his aunts about six years ago and the lady who occupies the house confirmed they were on the deeds.

    The myth comes from my father that  his Aunt May was engaged to a gentleman who lived in Rolleston Hall who was supposed to be a Mosley. The man in question was supposed to be a bit eccentric or had a mental problem. It was said he used to sleep in a conservetory(orangery) against the wall because he thought people were watching him in the hall. He would bring her game, meat or fruit to cook. My father also said that when he went to visit he was allowed to play in the grounds of the hall, it was made known that he could pick windfall fruit off the fall but not off the trees and that the man would watch him without him knowing until it had been reported to his aunts. It is thought because these delusions became worse she broke off the engement. I know the histories of Oswald Mosley and  the Rolleston Estate was sold off around 1930s. My father would have been 10 then which would have been an age when he could cycle there on his own. Does anybody else have family memories or history records.


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    Thank you for that fascinating story Jean.

    The Mosley’s of Rolleston Hall are among the most famous branches of our extended family and it is great to hear directly of some of the every day history of this family.

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