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    When I first discovered this relative Arthur Percy Moseley – on paper that is, my mother who has a wonderful memory for 88 years had no recollection of her uncle. Here is what she wrote Oct 7th. 2007 to myself.

    "NOW FOR THE SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I [b]did[/b] know my Uncle Arthur P. Moseley. It came to me in a [i][b]flash! [/b][/i]I had forgotten all about it, it was so long ago. I must have been about 13 or 14, still at school when Uncle Arthur and his wife came to see us from U.S.A.- from all places NEW YORK, THE BRONX I think. He must have gone over there when he was a young man and settled and married a Yankie. I can't for the life of me remember her name. I remember we thought she looked like Eleanor Roosevelt. I think I told you that Auntie Annie (Uncle Willie's wife and Auntie Allen as she became known, was I always understood my mother's half sister and Arthur her half brother. How that came about I haven't the faintest idea, perhaps you will find that out.

    Annie must have been closer in age to Arthur because she went over to U.S.A. to visit him on the maiden voyage of a ship called " The Scythia". I used to have a pink silk hanky which she brought me as a souvenir.

    Anyway as I said, Arthur and his wife (no children) came over for a vacation for a month or so and, stayed at Auntie Annies at 97 Vincent Road in Sheffield. I can't remember if it was after Uncle Willie died, must have been about that time. They must have found it very awkward being there as there was no bathroom, no hot water and an outside toilet. Not many people had bathrooms in those days or inside toilets and after living in New York I don't know how they managed. You don't think about it at the time, when you are only a girl yourself, and accept everything as it was.

    Arthur was shorter than his wife, a small inoffensive sort of person, vey quiet and his wife made up for it with a loud voice. She seemed to do al the talking and she hated the Jews. Perhaps because of her German origins, and about that time Hitler was first emerging and she would have agreed with him about the Jews. I must have heard my parents talking about this after they went back to the States.

    Uncle Arthur was an engraver on copper and silver, beautiful work he had done, and must have been very skilful and artistic. After they returned to the States my mother used to write now and again. They seemed to be quite well off for those days. His work must have been worth a lot, as it was unusual to travel about like that in those pre-war days.

    I had entirely forgotten about them, having only seen them the one time. At the time it was quite an event in our lives."

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