OINTMENT FOR SPRAINS & RHEUMATISM – from Grandma's Cures early 1900

  • 30 March, 2008 at 21:14 #501

    [html] Beat up a small egg well.Put into a bottle.Add 1 tablespoon of turpentine & 1 tablespoon of brown vinegar.Put a firm cork in the bottle and shake the mixture up well.The result will be a creamy ointment useful for sprains & rheumatism or for rubbing on the chest when a cold settles there.Always shake the bottle before using. [/html]

    30 March, 2008 at 21:19 #606

    [html] I am not sure if I would like turpentine on my chest! Did this cure have good results I wonder? Hibiscus girl [/html]

    31 March, 2008 at 04:33 #607

    [html] In the spirit of this forum, maybe you should volunteer to test the remedy? I have to say though that it sounds somewhat messy and smelly.It probably worked just as well as some of the expensive chemical remedies offered today?I'll try and avoid any of these problems though.Martin [/html]

    1 April, 2008 at 20:33 #608

    [html] I'm not too sure about that Martin! I do have quite a few more of my grandmother's cures which I will continue to add to this forum. Am I obliged to try them all? ! In any event I hope you will not be needing them or anyone else. It is certainly interesting to see what they used then. I do recall having Vicks rub on my chest as a child and even some in the nose as a child which was awful. I believe they don't do that now, just on the chest.Hibiscus girl [/html]

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