Penny Leaning in Sheffield

  • 31 October, 2011 at 21:04 #913

    The story of Penny Leaning has been passed down in my family and was probably from about the 1930’s.

    People who had nowhere to sleep at night could pay 1d. and were given shelter for the night. The penny entitled them to a sack which they climbed into and slept in, hung from a nail on the wall. What a sad picture this paints today.

    For those who had no money, they might just afford the 1d. and have some protection from severe weather.

    Were there Penny Leanings in any other city at this time?

    31 October, 2011 at 21:48 #915

    I’ve never heard the phrase ‘Penny Leaning’ but it certainly reminds us of those difficult times around the depression which caused such misery to so many.

    Sometimes I wonder, how is it possible we have advanced so far in the intervening 80 years and yet learned so little? Todays financial crises will undoubtedly mark millions of lives in exactly the same devastating way as the recessions of that epoque.

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