Ralph Smith of Hognaston

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    Hi, I am looking for the link between Ralph Smith who purchased land at Crich in 1660 and Samuel Smith of Crich 1660( Stuart's Tree ID I11895). The purchase was for a large sum of money but I am unable to find any entries for this Ralph Smith.

    The Hon. Henry Howard, Son of the Earl of Arundel sold his share, in 1660, to Anthony Bennet and Ralph Smith for £3270. The deed of sale mentions the property as including one-third of each of:
    the chase of Crich
    Culland Park
    a limestone Quarry
    a red-lead mill
    a water corn mill
    Bennet and Smith sold two-thirds of their mineral rights – which were divided up into many shares then owned by separate individuals including Thomas Wright of Fritchley.

    By a happy chance a copy of a diary kept by one Denman Mason has become available and it gives some insight into middle-class affairs in Crich in the mid-19th century. Denman's father Edwin Mason was, it seems an easy-living man who had fritted away his property. In a diary note of March 20th 1868 Denman recorded that his father was just recovering from a drinking bout that had lasted about three weeks. (Such bouts were not at all uncommon in Victorian and Edwardian times and – various local people have confirmed that it was still occurring in the 1920's and the 1930's). Moreover Edwin had sold to cows, his pony and trap and other things – "for a supply of drink". Denman said of his father that he had been "nothing but a scatterer during the whole of his life". Denman's mother was Julia. Her father had been Ralph Wheeldon Smith, who was a direct descendant of the Ralph Smith who, in 1660, had acquired part of the property and some of the manorial rights in Crich from Henry Howard – of the House of Arundel.

    The remaining third was sold in 1660 for £3270. by the Honourable Henry Howard, to Anthony Bennet and Ralph Smith. A short abstract of which deed, and two others relating to this manor, here follows :
    " By Indenture of feoffment, dated 7th April, 1660. The Honourable Henry Howard (second son of the late Right Honourable Henry, Earl of Arundel and Surrey) and the Right Honourable Lady Anne, his wife. In consideration of £3270. did grant, release, enfeoffe and confirm unto Thomas Wright, of Fritchley, gent. Anthony Bennett, of Brackenfield, gent. Ralph Smith, of Hognaston, yeoman, Richard Verdon, of Fritchley, yeoman, John Oates and John Wellon, of Wheatcroft, yeomen, and William Wood, of Crich, yeoman, all that the third part of the manor or lordship of Crich, with the rights, members and appurtenances thereof, in the county of Derby, and the third part of the chase of Crych aforesaid, and of Culland park, in Crych aforesaid, and the third part of a limestone quarry and limeing, with the appurtenances, and the third part of the red lead mill and the water corn mill, in Crych aforesaid, and the third part of all and singular the messuages, lands, tenements, hereditaments and premises in Crych, Lea and Tansley, to the said manor belonging, and the third part of all and singular other houses, edifices, buildings, lodges, barns, stables, courts, yards, orchards, gardens, lofts, crofts, closes, enclosed grounds, lands, tenements, meadows, pastures, feedings, mines, and quarries of stone, coal and ironstone, woods, underwoods, trees, with the ground and soil thereof, commons, common of pasture, common grounds, wastes, heaths, moors, marshes, mills, wears, waters, streams, watercourses, ways, easements, passages, rents, chief rent, rent secke, and all other rents and services, courts, court leet and court baron, view of frank pledge, perquisites and profits of courts, fines, amerciaments, waifs, estrays, tolls, customs, duties, rights, royalties, liberties, privileges, immunities, franchises, profits, commodities, emoluments and hereditaments whatsoever to the said manor or lordship of Crych, or other the premises belonging, &c. situate, lying, and being in the parishes, fields and precincts of Crych, Lea, Tansley, Crych chase, Culland, park, Fritchley, Wheatcroft, Over Holloway, Nether Holloway, Coddington, or Lindey lane, every or any of them, in the said county of Derby, and the reversion, &c. and all and singular deeds, &c. to be delivered up on or before 20th September then next, &c. to hold to the said Smith and Bennett, their heirs and assigns, for ever. To whom the grantor warrants the said third part, and covenants with them to levy a fine to ensure to them in fee, in order that a common recovery might be thereof suffered, which should ultimately be to the use of Wright, Verdon, and the others. Grantor covenants that for and notwithstanding any act, &c. by him, or by Thomas, then Earl of Arundel and Surrey, Henry, late Earl of Arundel and Surrey, his father, Thomas, Earl of Arundel and Surrey, his grandfather, and the Lady Alathea, his wife, Countess of Arundel and Surrey, Elizabeth, Countess of Kent, sister of the said Alathea, or Gilbert (then) late Earl of Shrewsbury, father of the said Alathea and Elizabeth, &c. for the title, &c. and that free and clearly, &c. except one lease, dated April, 1658, made by the said Henry Howard and others, Lords of the said manor of Crych for thirty-one years, unto James Wright, John Newton, gent. and others, their partners for the carrying on the great sough and grooves within the said manor, and that within seven years he would do any other for further assurance, &c."
    Bennett and Smith disposed of the above purchased third part of the manor in severalties, as is partly evident by the following short abstract :
    "14th February, 14 Charles II. (1660) Anthony Bennett, of Brackenfield, gent. and Ralph Smith, of Hognaston, yeoman, granted two-thirds of the mineral duties of the lot and cope of Crich to John Newton, of Okerthorpe, gent. Anthony Wood, of Wakebridge, yeoman, Robert Sage, of Wirksworth, yeoman, and Francis Alleyn, of the Lea, yeoman."

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    Hi Bruce,

    Welcome to our site, I hope you find it enjoyable and helpful.

    Your post is most interesting, and I will pass a copy on to Stuart who has extensively researched these families.

    I'll also check through my Crich records. (We are fortunate that much work has already been done on the Crich area)

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    Ok Bruce,

    Stuart stopped at William Smith born 1716 Crich was a memorial inscription which completely put him off track, see below from crich church yard, the father of william smith bap 26/7/1716 was joshua smith, on looking again there must have been 2 joshua smiths, ours was bap 9/5/1694 his father being samuel smith, the one on tombstone son of william, the other confusing thing about this is that a joshua smith married rebecca woodhouse 12/6/1715 crich the one on tombstone to young?? were there also 2 rebeccas?, see below something radically wrong, william smith age 81 dies 1790 this puts him born after his son joshua, if you look at the hill pedigree i sent you our elizabeth hill married the anthony bennett mentioned.

    C7 Joshua Smith age 73 5/2/1773 of Wessington * Sandstone Tomb

    Rebecca Smith age 77 25/5/1773 wife of above of Wessington *

    William Smith age 81 2/12/1790 of Crich Father of Joshua *

    Ann Smith age 92 22/10/1799 wife of William *

    William Smith age 69 25/9/1822 a Farmer of Crich son of William *

    Grace Smith age 72 26/8/1834 died Wadshelf Brampton Parish wife of William Jnr *

    William Smith age 17 30/6/1804 son of William Jnr *

    William Henry Smith age 19 11/12/1824 of Fradwell Staffs son of William Jnr *

    Ralph Wheeldon Smith age 69 3/4/1861 of Crich *

    Ann Smith age 76 5/7/1866 of Belper wife of Ralph *

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    Thanks Martin, Sorry I did not recieve the information on hill. I believe that the smith burial in the crich cemetary where there is about ten smiths buried including the Joshua smith is the correct line of my ancestry and my family tree is solid on that, but where to go from there. I beieve that joshua was born else where as there could be another generation between him and Ralph Smith as he only purchaed the Crich land in 1660 and it indicates that Ralph Smith came from Hognaston in the deed but that does not mean he was born there. It certainly indicates that Ralph Wheeldon Smith,s family was a direct decendent from Ralph Smith but trying to fill in the gaps from Australia is often difficult.
    Thanks Bruce

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    If you check through the Hill trees on this site (either mine or Stuart's, they are the same) You will find Elizabeth who married Anthony Bennett. Since Anthony bought substantial properties and interests with Ralph Smith, this suggests the two were either related or at least very close business partners.

    It looks likely that your Smith line is linked in some way to our Hill ancestors.

    Having just had a look through crich records, Samuel Smith was possibly the brother of Ralph? Samuel Smith buried a son Ralph 9/3/1685, no baptism for Ralph, it appears the stonemason had one to many when doing the gravestone i mentioned, the William mentioned was Joshua's brother and not father.

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    This is really fascinating.
    I have been looking at Ince Pedigree p.105a, which has the record including the dates for William Smith (d. 1822).
    However, this complicates Stuart's tree even more as Samuel Allen and Ann Wheeldon seem to have had 2 co-heiresses – no son to inherit to the estate – Phoebe and Ann. Phoebe marr. Thomas Smith of Kilburn and Ann marr. William of Crich who died 1822.
    Wm and Ann's listed children are:-
    Samuel dsp
    George (a farmer)

    Given that the William (d.1822) on your trees marr a Grace Allen then this implies that there was yet another William Smith who d. in Crich in 1822. Am I right or just confused?
    Would other researchers consider that Ince Pedigree might be flawed????

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    Hi Martin,

    It would appear that the will of William Smith born 1753 is available and it names Williams seven children it names a Thomas Smith which doesn't appear in Stuarts Tree but an extra William is added it would appear there is a mistake somewhere. What do you think.

    Will of William Smith dated 1822
    Transcribed by Stuart Hill

    This is the last will and testament of me William Smith of Crich in the County of Derby yeoman,made published and declared,the day and year hereinafter written in the first place I will and direct that all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses be fully paid and discharged, from and out of my real and personall estates: the dwelling house and garden at Crich aforesaid, and the allotment adjoining the said dwelling house on the north now in my own occupation, with all my household furniture, plate, linen and china and also the Townend Croft, or Close in my own occupation at Crich aforesaid I give to my present wife Grace Smith for and during the term of her natural life, and if in case my son Samuel Smith should die before his present wife leaving no child or children lawfully begotten,then and in such case I give the said house and garden only(at the death of my said wife) to Mary now the wife of my said son Samuel for and during the time of her widowhood all that messuage or dwelling house now in the occupation of my said son Samuel Smith, with the said house and garden and the said allottment adjoining the same on the north now in my own occupation (subject respectively to the life estates as aforesaid) with the small houses, malthouse and outbuildings farm and lands adjoining at Crich aforesaid now respectively in my own occupation, in the occupation of my said son Samuel Smith, Joseph Langton,and John Sheldon together with all other lands and premises wheresoever the same may be situate being the estate of my late father William Smith or purchased by me, I give and devise(save and except the tithes of hay and corn arising from such ?????????? and also save and accept the same townend croft or close and my shares of ??????????? lands and wood, the gorsey close, the paddocks and also save and except the four small houses and gardens in the respective occupations of William Walker, widow bond, George Stocks and Rhodes Marriott, unto my said son Samuel Smith and the heirs of his body, he are they paying thereout to my said wife Grace Smith the sum of thirty pounds a year and every year for and during the term of her natural life to be paid to her half yearly and to be computed from the time of my death,and it is my will that what estate I hereby give to my said wife shall be considered as and for and in view of all her dower or thirds in or out of any part of my estates at common law or otherwise howsoever, but if in case my said son Samuel Smith should happen to die leaving no lawful child or children by him begotten then in such case, I give and devise such part of my real estate so given and devised to my said son Samuel Smith as aforesaid unto my son George Smith (now in America) and the heirs of his body he or they paying out on his first child attaining the age of two years, the sum of one hundred pounds,to each of my children or their legal representatives respectively and the same also subject to the annuity of my said wife as aforesaid.but in case my said son George Smith should happen to die leaving no lawful child or children then and in such case I give and devise such part of my real estate so given and bequeathed to my said sons Samuel and George aforesaid unto my son Ralph Wheeldon Smith and the heirs of his body he or they paying immediately thereout the sum of one hundred to each of my said children or their legal representatives respectively, the same being also subject to the annuity to be paid to my said wife aforesaid.and it is my will that my said son samuel smith shall have the said tithes or tenths on his share on paying the cost price for the same all my real and copyhold estates or parts or shares of my late father in law Allens Estate (which copyhold estate I have surrendered to the use of this my will with all the rest, residue,and remainder of my real copyhold and personal estates of what nature or kind soever and wheresoever found at the time of my death (not herein before disposed of) whether in possession. reversion, or expectancy or otherwise, with their of their rights, members and appurtenances, I give devise and bequeath unto my brother George Smith of Crich aforesaid farmer, John Topham of Pentrich in the county aforesaid farmer,and John Bainbrigge of Biggin in the parish of Wirksworth in the said county farmer, their heirs executors administrators and assigns. in trust nevertheless with full power and absolute authority to let set sell exchange or mortgage the same without the concurence, signatures, or approbation of my heir at law or any of my children or any other person or persons, and in case of sale to sign receipts for the purchase money and execute conveyances, which receipt or receipts shall be a good and sufficient discharge and discharges to any purchaser or purchasers his, her and their respective heirs, executors, administrators and assigns for so much of the said purchase money as shall be therein expressed or acknowledged to be received and such purchaser or purchasers his her and their respective heirs executors, administrators and assigns shall not afterwards be obliged to see to the application of such purchase money, or be answerable or accountable for any loss, missapplication or none application thereof respectively, and my will and mind is and I do hereby direct that my said brother, George Smith, John Topham, and John Bainbrigge and the survivor of them and the heirs executors, administrators and assigns of such survivor shall stand possessed of and interested in the monies to arise by such sale or sales, for the purpose of paying my just debts as aforesaid (should my personal estate not be sufficient) and afterwards for dividing the same equally amongst my seven children, George Smith (who is now in America) Ralph Wheeldon Smith, Thomas Smith (who is now in America) Joshua Smith, Charles Smith, John Smith (who is now in America) and William Henry Smith, or their legal representatives respectively (except that my said sons George and Thomas (they having been already by me provided for) shall receive each the sum of three hundred pounds less than the remaining five of my seven children last mentioned) the children of a deceased father to take fathers share equally.but in case of any of my seven sons last mentioned should depart this life before they attain the full age of twenty one years leaving no lawful issue, then and in such a case it is my will that the share or shares of such of them so dying shall be equally divided amongst the survivors of all my said children and their legal representatives respectively and it is my will that they my said trustees shall pay themselves in a reasonable manner for all the loss of time, trouble and expence they may be put unto in the execution of trusts hereby in them reposed and that they shall be answerable or accountable for more money than they shall respectively receive nor shall any of them be accountable for the receipts of the other of them but each for his own acts, receipts and wilful defaults only nor shall any of them be accountable for any involuntary loss of money but shall be acquitted and save harmless in respect of all such acts matters and things as shall be done by them respectively in pursuance hereof and lastly I do nominate constitute and appoint my said wife grace Smith, my said brother George Smith, John Topham, and John Bainbrigge aforesaid executrix and executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all or any other will or wills by me at any time heretofore made declaring this only to be my last will and testament. in witness whereof I have hereunto set and put my hand and seal this twentieth day on January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty two.

    signe sealed published and declared by the said William Smith the testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other at his request have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto. John Taylor, George Elliott, George Stocks, Samuel Stocks.

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