Searching for Appleby, Birch, Bouch, Cooper, Dodds, Fennell, Kidd, Lightfoot, Say, Yeatman.

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    Visitor Jonathan is looking for these and many more and hopes he in turn can help you if any of these are of interest to you as he has their descendants, not their ancestors:-

    Ann Anderton 1732-1807 Middleton, Suffolk
    Richard Appleby 1598 Billingham, Durham

    Joseph Barker 1707 Sheffield
    Daisy Lilian Bauley 1898- Rickinghall, Suffolk
    John Birch 1783 Framsden, Suffolk
    Joan Birle abt 1538
    Henry Edwin Blanchard 1867- Greenwich
    George Boiston 1708-1798 Rothbury
    Robert Bolam 1738-1831 Elsdon, N'hbland
    Sir Thomas Bouch 1822-1880
    Captain William Bouch abt 1788-1838 Thursby, Cumberland
    Lawrence Bracken 1535- Morland, Westmorland

    Sarah Cherton 1802- Friston, Suffolk
    Anne Christopher 1601 Billingham, Durham
    John Cole 1769 Woodridge, Suffolk
    Susan Cook 1754 Yoxford Suffolk
    John Cooper 1802 Banstead, Surrey
    Jaine Couper 1577- Monk Hesleton Durham
    Barbara Coxon 1723-1773 Elsdon, N'hbland
    Mary Cripps 1738-1822 Seal, Kent

    Eliza Davidson 1712-  Newcastle on Tyne
    William Richard Manly Dawes 1831-
    (b 18 Aug, Poplar) (m Frances Lloyd)
    Elizabeth Dodds 1765- Birtley, N'hbland
    John Driver 1795 Orkney

    Elizabeth Easter 1784 Norwich

    Lydia Fennell 1789-1855 Alburgh, Norfolk
    Ellen Rebecca Finney 1851- Fulham, London
    Gilbert Free abt 1605 All Saints Fornham
    John Free 1535 Dallinghoo?
    Rachel Mrs Free 1704-1764 Suffolk
    Thomas Free abt 1630- Woodbridge?

    Jane Grieves 1773

    Robert Hallyley 1505 Leed, Grange, Yorks
    Mrs Hickson 1605 Kirk Merrington, Durham
    Robert Hickson 1602 Kirk Merrington Durham
    Jane Hudson 1832- Hartlepool, Durham

    William Johnson 1655 Easington, Durham

    William Kellame 1596- Grantham, Leics
    Mary Kidd 1760-1826 Soham, Cambs
    William Kidd 1726 Soham, Cambs
    Harriet Kjitson 1821 Greenwich or Shoreditch

    Captain Thomas Lacy Lawson 1801-
    (m Catherine Constance-smith In NZ)
    Joan le Latimer 1256- Altyre, Morayshire
    Isabella Lightfoot 1797-1834 Sunderland, Durham
    John Lightfoot 1769- Chester le Street, Durham
    Mary Long 1780 Banstead, Surrey
    Elizabeth Lumley 1737 Leeds, Yorks

    James Marshall 1713- Newcastle on Tyne

    Margaret Ferrie (Ada) Nelson 1826-
    Thomas Newby 1429- North Fenton, Yorks
    Mrs Newby 1431- North Fenton, Yorks
    Mrs Jane Newbie 1579- Wickham, Durham
    Ralph Newbie 1574- Monk Hesledon, Durham
    Mrs Ann Newbie 1661- Easington, Durham
    Caroline Nunn 1876- Darsham, Suffolk
    Margaret Nunn abt 1605-

    Jane Orwyn 1596- Skipton in Craven, Yorks

    Margaret Peal 1722- Chester le Street, Durham
    Mary Prime 1773 Woodbridge, Suffolk

    Benjamin Quinton 1777 Norwich

    Anne Ralph 1866- Friston, Suffolk
    Henry Ramsey 1796- Tweedmouth, N'hbland
    Elizabeth Robinson 1683- Chester le Street, Durham
    Thomas Robinson abt 1624- Easington, Durham
    Elizabeth Joyce Robson 1806-1879 Birdhope Craig N'hbland
    Joseph Rochester 1779- Newcastle?
    John Rouse 1754-1836 Westleton, Suffolk
    Thomas Rouse 1727- Westleton, Suffolk
    Mary Rutter 1607- Pittington, Durham
    Robert Rutter 1555- Pittingham, Durham

    Elizabeth Sanderson 1779- Cumberland?
    Mary Saunders 1786 Bacton, Suffolk
    Joshua Say 1750-1818 Soham, Cambs
    Joshua Say 1661 St Stephen, Norwich
    Joseph Say 1667 St Peter Southgate, Norwich
    Anne Harriet Scott 1814-1882 Barking, Essex
    Mary Selsby 1805 Epsom, Surrey
    Sarah Shooter abt 1675- Woodbridge?
    John Sigsworth 1654- Sedgefield, Durham
    Isobel Strange abt 1324- Knockin, Shropshire
    Arthur John Hovell Swann 1910-1995
    Thompson Swan abt 1772- 1881 Eeasham, Norfolk

    Margaret Thew 1778 Nerwcastle?
    Amelia Treadwell 1801-1884 Hartley
    William Treadwell 1748-1797 Meopham
    Isabella Turnbull 1838 North Shields N'hbland
    John Turnbull 1773 Gateshesd?
    Margaret Turnbull 1790-1875 Newcastle on Tyne
    Grace Turner abt 1636- Woodbridge?
    Mary Turner 1710 Wakefield, Yorks

    Hannah Wade 1817- Woodbridge, Suffolk
    Diana Wink 1769- Middleton, Suffolk
    Sarah Wink 1759- Suffolk

    Henry Yeatman 1820-  Westminster, London
    Lillian Young 1875 Hartlepool or Berwick

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