"SEVEN & SIX" by Ed Darbyshire ( A Sheffield Grinder) – friend of William Henry Moseley b. 1838

  • 22 March, 2008 at 06:56 #493

    [html] Seven & six a year ! Dust'a'ear ?Fur a good fer nowt dog like thee.Tha knows very weel tha'rt not weth it,'Ere, – why dust'a blink so at me ?Coom, lift up them ears o'thine, wilt tha ?And ear wot thi gaffer's to say.Th's bin a good useful sarvint, but for all thatthi' times up terday !Tha's fowt for thi friends like a tiger,Tha's played wi' these bairns like a lamb,But we can't find t'brass for thi license,Tha'll have to be thrown in t'dam !Why ! Thar't whinin', thi tail's stopped waggin',Tha' must unnerstand wot I say !Vary weel then ! Tha shan't go in t'watter,I'll take thi and gi thi away.Else loise thi ! But thar's owt but a beauty,Folks'll say we're best lost na fun.But we that 'ave reared thi and know thi'U'll loise a good friend when thar't gone.When we coom dahn't steers in a morningWe'll miss thi' owd friendly wag. And at neet, when we can thro't factory Tha'll not meet us sa fussy an glad.And these childer– how they'll miss thiWhen they haven't thi lang ears ter pull.'Ere, coom and lig darn 'pon 'tharston'Can't a see that mi art is full ?But thar't not gone yit, and tha knows it'Ere why art thi waggin' thi tail ?Can't tha see wot ah've just been thinkin'To do wi less baccy and ale ?Cum, thar't an owd un', tha's helped mi to git out o't fix,Stop ' ere tak' care of these childerAn' will go an' get "Seven and Six". !! [/html]

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