The Loss of Orchestras in Churches

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    Some may not be aware of the displacement of ecclesiastical bandsmen by an isolated organist which had a direct result of curtailing and extinguishing the interest of parishioners in church doings.

    Under the old plan from half a dozen to ten full-grown players, in additon to the numerous more or less grown-up singers, were officially occupied with the Sunday routine, and concerned in trying their best to make it an artistic outcome to the combined taste of the musical congregation.
    The zest of these bygone instrumentalists must have been keen and staying to take them, as it did, on foot every Sunday after a toilsome week, through all weathers, to the church, which often lay at a distance from their homes. They usually received so little in payment for their performances that their efforts were really a labour of love and probably just enough to pay for their fiddle-strings, repairs and music-paper (which they mostly rules themselves)

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