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    [html] O'er Rivelin Glen the sun was sinking,In silence slept the mill;The lark his last sweet song was singing, And every leaf was still.When first entranced with beauty's power, The happiest of men, I learned to love my fairy flowerThe Rose of Rivelin Glen.Her violet eyes that softly sparkle,Reveals her inmost thought;Her voice so like the woodlark's warble,Is music's sweetest note.Oh, hasten on , dear twilight hour, And I shall meet again,My bonny blue-eyed fairy flowerThe Rose of Rivelin. [/html]

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    [html] This poem was in the first edition by Ed Darbyshire printed in 1885.It seems that even though he was great friends with my great grandfather William Henry Moseley, they did not share the same occupation. Ed was an optician and his address was 21 Bow St., Sheffield.I hope you enjoy his poems as I would like to share several with you.Hibiscus Girl [/html]

    21 June, 2009 at 11:54 #614

    What a beautiful poem and wonderful person to write it!
    Where can we read the others?
    I hope you are OK Hibuscus Girl as it has been more than a year. Wherever you are I hope happiness is with you and I know all who know you are richer for it.

    21 June, 2009 at 12:04 #615

    Love is

    Love is
    The sharing
    That places other before self
    The joy that finds far greater joy
    By kindling it in
    A loved one's heart.

    29 May, 2010 at 08:59 #616

    I am back MrWhy! Thank you for your kind thoughts and lovely poem. I am quite touched to be missed, I have to say. You will see me under a different name now, I am sorry I could not carry out my promise of more poetry from Ed, much as I would have loved to. I will endeavour to put that right if you would like to see more. I have the original poetry book.

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