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    Some of Ed's poems were humorous, some were about nature and his childhood and some were about love.

    I have tried to forget thee,
    My darling of old;
    I have tried to replace
    Thy dear image with gold.
    But when gold is forgotten,
    And fancy roams free,
    My mind will keep wandering,
    My old love to thee.

    In the soft singing streamlet
    Thy sweet voice I hear;
    In the tender young flow'ret
    Thy form will appear.
    And the rugged old mountain,
    Or echoing glen,
    Will awaken the old love
    Again and again.

    Oh, then play on for ever,
    Sweet fountain of bliss;
    Let me drink in thy beauty –
    Thy lips let me kiss.
    Throw your dear arms around me,
    As fond as of yore,
    And the mad race for riches,
    Shall part us no more.

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