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    Arthur Percy Moseley was born in Sheffield in 1861, son of William Henry Moseley and Ann Harrison. It was William's first marriage.
    Arthur was a silver engraver by trade and in 1883 he emigrated to America.

    In the 1910 census he was shown rooming in Oklahoma City, Ward 1. He has been married for two years to Anna Barbara Shoemaker (who was born in Ohio, although her parents were German.)

    By the 1930 census Arthur and Anna (who never had any children) were renting their home in The Bronx, New York for $55 per month.

    On 16th October 1933 Arthur and Anna returned to New York after a visit to Arthur's sister Mrs. Annie Allen having stayed with her at 97 Vincent Road , Sheffield.
    It was noted on the re- entry permit that Arthur was 5' 4" with fair grey hair and eyes. Anna was taller at 5' 6" with fair grey hair and hazel eyes.
    On the way home they also visited Anna's sister Mrs Emma Kropp at 1007 High St, Columbus, Ohio.
    Emma and her husband Henry according to the 1920 census owned their own home, having immigrated from Germany in 1867 and naturalised in 1872.
    Henry's occupation was President of Building and Loan. They had four children, whose occupations are Assistant Secretary of Building and Loan, Bookkeeper, Teacher and Clerk of Steel Works respectively.

    This then is how the Moseley family had it connection with the American Bank.

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