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    My great grandmother , Mary Anne Pope,came to Australia in about 1841 with her husband William Pope. Her maiden name was Mosley.Her father was William Mosley and her mother's maiden surname was Thompson-first name is unknown.Her year of birth is said to be abt 1811.Mary Anne also had with her a daughter ,Mary Ann aged about one , when she arrived in Australia.Her details are rather confusing as on one of my certificates she lists her maiden name as Coxford.Does this ring any bells with anyone.



    [html] Hi Vicki,Welcome to our web site, I'm sure you will find people here to be friendly and helpful whereever possible. Please feel free to use the site to it's maximum, that is to say the social and local history sections as well as the genealogy database.Thank you for your enquiry, and I sincerely hope that we can help you with your research.Do you know where Mary Ann was born? Or where she lived before emigrating? I don't have her on my direct line, but I do have a large database of Mosley names from the Derbyshire and Yorkshire areas of England, and she may well figure in that.I will be happy to check this through if you have more information to help narrow things down.Best regardsMartin [/html]

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