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1 12 Aug 1867 St. Pauls Sheffield after Banns
Francis Maskery 23 miner father John
Elizabeth Stevenson 17 father Israel
Witnesses were Edmund Jones & Sarah Scargill 
Family (F1530)
2 1841 census servant aged 12 at robin hood baslow along with robert froggatt, WIGLEY, Hannah (I733)
3 1851 living at hope town head farmer of 30 acres LONGDEN, John (I2204)
4 1851 living Hasland with widowed mother, Toll Collecter

1861 Sedgley Staffs, Toll Collecter
1871 Birmingham Licenced Victualler. No children 
CALLADINE, Samuel (I2256)
5 1851 living in ashover, malster emplying 1 man. BROWN, Joel (I2789)
6 1851 ruth is a widow, children joh joseph and ruth living with her, ruth is a farmer of 28 acres. MAXFIELD, Ruth (I2279)
7 1851 widower, a servant in old brampton. TURNER, Samuel (I2618)
8 1870 shown to be a farmer at Summit Mason, Michigan, USA. PERKINS, Sterling (I4903)
9 1871 Occupation; Rail Road Conductor. HILL, Eseck (I4835)
10 1881 Census shows George to be the illegitimate son of Sarah Ann. Family (F1115)
11 1881 family living woodmans lodge temple normanton, STEVENSON, John (I2721)
12 1881 living at windmill house whittington, stationary engine driver. BREALEY, Wilfred (I1651)
13 1881 widow, servent langwith notts. BARNES, Mary (I95)
14 1891 boarding house keeper hastings widow. 1901 boarding house keeper filey, daughters elizabeth and ethel living with their mother both unmarried. HILL, Elizabeth (I921)
15 1901 census van driver in manchester HILL, James (I559)
16 1901 family living in derby. HOLLIS, William (I982)
17 1901 farmer at tapton FROGGATT, Benjamin (I689)
18 1901 living elswick, northumberland. KENNEDY, Richard (I3074)
19 1901 living elswick, northumberland. unmarried PALFREYMAN, Annie (I503)
20 1901 living with brother parmenas, sister mary, at old brampton. BROWN, Susan (I2742)
21 1901 living withington manchester, occupation, master butcher. FROGGATT, Benjamin (I1721)
22 1901 lodger clay cross. occupation coal miner, lodging at same address is his cousin thomas, occupation agr labourer. HILL, William (I1365)
23 1901 unmarried, heath cutter, employer. BROWN, Parmenas (I2741)
24 1901. family living at bolsover, samuel is a labourer in brickyard. BARNES, Samuel (I1698)
25 1901. unmarried. BROWN, Mary (I2743)
26 1901census living with brother in manchester, cab driver HILL, Fred (I1308)
27 1911 Census indicates two children had been born and later died.

Fred Brassington Mosley; born 1901 therefore died young, as did another infant not born at the time of the 1901 Census. 
Family (F1168)
28 1911 census shows George in the Chesterfield Union Workhouse. The family were all inmates in separate sections of the institution. MOSLEY, George (I5698)
29 1911 Census shows that Joseph and Louisa were parents to 5 children, all living in 1911. Only four are shown on the census return.

Joseph appears to be a patient in hospital in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire on the night of the census. (He is marked as being insane)

The whereabouts of their fifth child is unknown. 
Family (F1229)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. STARLING, K.C. (I8726)
31 A Francis Bunting and John Freeman were shown to be Millers at Sutton Mill, Bolsover in 1857. BUNTING, Francis (I4432)
32 A Ralph Williamson by deed poll granted and confirmed to Henry Buntyng 'one messuage with the croft adjoining and one Oxgang of land with the appts. in Duelleswode (Devilswood/Buntingfield)in the Fee of Esschover. To be held by the said Henry his heirs ans ass. of the Chief Lords of the Fee by the services thereby due and of right accostomed.' His testibus: Robto Schoter; Ricardo Styklands; Henrico de Marshe; Wilhemo Buntyng de Esshover, et aliis Dat. at Esschover on the morrow of St. John 6 Henry VI (1428)

There is a small circular seal of red wax.

The land was rather more than 100 acres situated above Ashover township and on the edge of the moors. 
BUNTTYNG, Henry (I4415)
33 A summary of Elizabeth's memoir can be seen on this site, and the document is available for download in PDF format

Click here for a summary of Elizabeth WEBSTER'S memoir

WEBSTER, Elizabeth (I90)
34 According to the 1667 Will of Elizabeth's brother John Bunting, Elizabeth was the wife of Thomas Fitch. BUNTING, Elizabeth (I4515)
35 Acknowledged at Marie 5th Arrondissement of Paris that Mercedes PITARD was his daughter. Suggests perhaps an initial rejection of the infant? PITARD, Emile (I3573)
36 Ada was one of twins. Her twin brother, John Arthur lived only 16 weeks. MOSLEY, Ada Ellen (I5930)
37 Address at time of death given as; Hararwalla Building, Wittett Rd, Ballard Estate, Bombay, India
Died at 18 Queens Rd, Bombay. 
START, Montague John Morgan (I7378)
38 Address given as Winwick Hollow Farm, Winwick

Probate granted 22 Mar 1930 to Henry Leigh, brother. Effects valued at £2842 3s 7d

LEIGH, Thomas (I3843)
39 Address recorded as 58 Bailey Bridge, Dogmersfield, Hampshire, England NICHOLSON, John Thomas (I3224)
40 Address recorded as; 4 Baslow Rd, Old Brampton, Derbyshire, England NICHOLSON, John Thomas (I3224)
41 after Abrahams death, Ellen lived alone she was a grocer. HILL, Ellen (I125)
42 After Ann's death at Chesterfield in 1847, John was living with a family farming at Heanor during the 1851 census. Nothing further is known at this time of his later life or movements. Family (F820)
43 Aged 8yrs and using the name of her step father, Vintin. MOSLEY, Ada (I4737)
44 Agnes was the widow of William Westlake. She had previously been married to Thomas Huggins. Family (F1634)
45 Alfred continued to run his own business until he became ill in 1931. His son, Allen completed all outstanding work during evenings and weekends to wind down the business. IBBERSON, Alfred (I3248)
46 All the information we have of Nicholas is his very detailed Will dated 1542, proved 1543.
In it he names his wife Agnes; his eldest son John; his son Robert; his daughter Margaret; grandchildren Nicholas and Agnes the children of John; and grandson Nicholas the son of Robert.
He requests that he be 'buryed within the parish church of Ilkston'.

Also named in the Will are 'Master Eyton of Gresley Castle'; Agnes Crofts and Margaret Hellot. A clause in the Will states that 'if my children or any of the above will not be contented after this' then 'every such shall have no parte therof my forsaid bequeaths'.

One clause leaves 'his littil house and garden thereto' to Agnes his wife for her lifetime, on which she pays an annual rent of 2s.8d. to son John.

An inventory is attached to the Will.

DAY, Nicholas (I4571)
47 Also 1 Hansons Yard Family (F1796)
48 Although Joseph is shown on Census returns as the son of James Mosley (born 1839) The 1871 Census shows him as a young boy living with his father and a housekeeper plus her children. James is unlikely to be the son of Mary Ann Coates, the housekeeper since she would only have been 13 at the time of his birth.

Mary Ann married James and the family (including her previous children) appear to have adopted the Mosley name.

No mention has been found of Joseph's mother. 
MOSLEY, Joseph (I5529)
49 Although Mary Jane lived until late 1956, dad said to me in an email Feb 2005, that he never knew her, or heard of her.  TURNER, Mary Jane (I3716)
50 Although the burial registration is from the parish register, I can't confirm whether the burial was in the church yard, or in the cemetery. MOSLEY, Sarah Ann (I5675)

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