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101 Charles and Charlotte were publicans and farmers. Census returns show them at the White Horse, Old, Northamptonshire.
They later farmed Manor House Farm, Moulton 
Family F1740
102 Charles enlisted with the Sherwood Foresters just before his 18th birthday, and served through the remainder of the war.

His records show several minor infractions of military regulations resulting in him being confined to barracks or losing several days pay.

He suffered a chronic infection of his left ear.

He was injured by a gas shell in the summer of 1918. 
MOSLEY, Charles (I5736)
103 Charles spent the last years of his life hospitalized at Penmore. He suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for more than 30 years. MOSLEY, Charles William (I3109)
104 Charles Thomas served in the Army Service Corps, enlisting as a Private on 10 Dec 1915.

He was discharged, Physically unfit on 02 Aug 1917.

His Army Pension record shows his height to be 5ft 11/2in. He was of fresh complexion, with Grey eyes and dark brown hair.

His discharge papers show he had a bad lateral curvature of the spine, described as a long standing condition, due to "weakness and neglect". He also suffered from varicose veins in his left leg.

He was awarded a pension of £12/10 per week. 
MOSLEY, Charles Thomas (I5361)
105 Charles was killed in the Great War 19/4/1918 he is buried in Meteren Cemetery. HILL, Charles Edward (I968)
106 Charles was landlord of the Devonshire Hotel, Hasland at the beginning of the 20th Century. HILL, Charles (I993)
107 Christened as Billey Mosley. He appears later in the marriage register as "William, alias Billy". MOSLEY, Billy (I776)
108 comb manufacturer and hardware seller, bridgegate rotherham. SHAW, Joseph (I245)
109 Committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor. MOSLEY, William (I5379)
110 Daniel's father was probably James Moseley, but no proof yet found. He's referred to variously as Daniel Coates and Daniel Moseley in the census documents, but married using the names Coates. COATES, Daniel (I5531)
111 Death shown quarter ending Sept 1888, Chesterfield. 7b 339. Elizabeth is shown in 1891 living with Charles & Harriet. MOSLEY, Joseph (I3210)
112 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. NICHOLSON, D.E. (I3213)
113 details are from 1901 census, address 67, st annes road, rotherham, painter and paperhanger. josephs sister lucy 30 is at the address, she is a domestic servant. WHITTINGTON, Joseph (I248)
114 Died after being accidentally knocked down and run over by an electric tram car in Chatsworth Rd, Brampton, Chesterfield. Inquest held 29 May 1916. MOSLEY, Walter (I5741)
115 Died at 23.00hrs PITARD, Mercedes Colombe (I3464)
116 Died at Bishop St, Ecclesall Bierlow BURGIN, George William (I4744)
117 Died at seven o clock whle fighting in Waldheim, Germany. Death recorded by Ministry of ancient combattants and victims of war, Paris 30 October 1945, based on information in his file. BOURSON, Lucien (I3658)
118 Died between January and March 1907. MOSLEY, Harriet (I4713)
119 Died between July and September 1872 SNAPE, Mary Ann (I4700)
120 Died from Cerebro Spinal Meningitis while on active service in France and Flanders. MOSLEY, Harry (I5452)
121 Died in a motor accident in Oregon whilst on route to California.

Jack Marson was also killed in this accident. 
SMALLEY, Maxine Louise (I6806)
122 Died in a motor accident in Oregon whilst on route to California.

Maxine Smalley was also killed in this accident. 
MARSON, Jack (I6802)
123 Died of AIDS related illness following drug abuse. SARAZIN, Jean (I3538)
124 died young. WHITTINGTON, Mary (I403)
125 died young. HILL, Robert Godber (I544)
126 Documents through his adult life refer to him as John Stutteridge START. STETRIDGE, John Stutteridge (I7417)
127 Dorothy died aged two weeks as the result of a 'hole in the heart' FREEMAN, Dorothy Joan (I8493)
128 Edgar served in WW1. He was enlisted as a sapper in the Royal Engineers on 31 Oct 1916, and discharged 24 Jan 1919. Service Number 515226. His occupation at the time of enlistment is shown as Joiner and Undertaker. He was medically classified B1 due to poor vision and slightly flat feet. During his service he qualified as a 'proficient' electrician, and was based at Plymouth Fortress. Height given as 5ft 5ins, Weight 121lbs. He was hospitalised between 19 Feb 1917 and 15 Mar 1917 due to haemorhoids.  BUDDLE, Edgar (I6036)
129 Edward's widow, Sarah, was granted probate on his estate 13 Sept 1907. Effects valued at £37 12s BUDDLE, Edward (I6031)
130 Eliza is shown on the 1871 census return for David Mosley, and also with her mother and step father; Thomas and Susanna Kempshall. She was probably staying with them, but her husband noted them on his return. We'll never know.

In 1851 she is shown as the daughter in law of Thomas Kempshall. 
BINGHAM, Eliza (I5679)
131 Elizabeth & William DAY traced in 1871 census at Chesterfield where William was then a commercial traveller. Nothing is then known of the family until 1879, the year of William's death in Sheffield. The next appearance of Elizabeth is in 1881 when she had a private school at Belper. Living with her were her 14 year old daughter, Annie and niece Lizzie ALCOCK. Elizabeth was later known to be a beneficiary in the Will of her cousin Ann GELSTHORPE (née HILL, and daughter of her father's brother George) who died in Belper in 1904. Elizabeth was last known to have lived in Beeston, Notts where she died in 1905. HILL, Elizabeth (I4380)
132 elizabeth died in her infancy FLINT, Elizabeth (I130)
133 Elizabeth left no Will, but there is an admin, £400.18s.11d in value, granted at Nottingham to her daughter Annie Sarah Drew on 31 Jan 1906. HILL, Elizabeth (I4380)
134 Elizabeth Redfearn does not appear to be the daughter of Henry Turner, though it would seem he 'adopted' her as in later census returns he is described as her father.

Her biological father at this time is unknown. 
Family F741
135 Elizabeth was a witness at the marriage of her sister Ann to John Hill in 1826. BUNTING, Elizabeth (I4410)
136 Ellis was killed, together with many others during the Anzac attack. He has no known grave and the precise place or date of his death are not known. BRADBURY, Ellis (I7952)
137 emma unmarried on 1901 census staying with her sister annie hadfield in edale. HILL, Emma (I541)
138 Eric died while serving with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. He has no known grave.

He is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial in Surrey. 
KIRKLAND, Eric Gordon (I8481)
139 family living at 214, canklow road, rotherham, in 1901. CHAPMAN, Richard (I445)
140 family living ecclesall bierlow, grocers assistant. PERRY, Reuben T (I2626)
141 Family name is variously transcribed as Stetridge, Sturtridge, Start, Stirt, Steteridge. STETRIDGE, Robert (I7254)
142 Family name known as Powell by her descendants. OBORNE, Harriet Maude (I4970)
143 Family name of father unknown at this time. MOSLEY, Elizabeth (I4734)
144 family not found on 1901 census HILL, John (I954)
145 Family recollections suggest that towards the end of the 19th century John was Head Gardener at Somersall Hall, Nr Chesterfield, Derbyshire. NICHOLSON, John Thomas (I3224)
146 Family shown to be living at Stubley, Dronfield, Derbyshire. After moving widely and frequently in connection with their mining work. WIDDOWSON, Mary (I4262)
147 Fanny and George, two younger children of William are recorded at 32 Gateford Rd, Worksop with Eliza Cartwright, School mistress. NICHOLSON, William (I3230)
148 farm labourer living with widowed mother in ashover HILL, George (I560)
149 farmer of 126 acres HERBERT, Edward (I2128)
150 Father's occupation; Publican, abode Common. NICHOLSON, George (I3236)

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