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201 I cannot find an 1861 census return for this family. Family F1197
202 I have a transcript of Sheffield burials (Churchyard and cemetery which include these details) MOSLEY, Thomas (I7921)
203 I have a transcript of Sheffield burials (Churchyard and cemetery which include these details) MOSLEY, Elizabeth (I7920)
204 I have found several spelling variations for Mary's name, including: Ffosterd; Fostord and Forstered. FOSTERD, Mary (I4234)
205 I have the bible Charles used throughout his adult life and which records the births of his children. Family F642
206 In 1588 (the year of the Spanish Armada and impending invasion) Godfrey is returned as among those possessed of defensive weapons in the General Enquiry for Home Defence (Belvoir MSS) BUNTINGE, Godfrey (I4421)
207 In 1608 'ffrancis Bunting of Ashover' was assessed and charged to provide one caliver (large pistol or blunderbuss) for defence.

In 1631 'ffrancis was assessed £2.0s.0d. for subsidy' 
BUNTING, Francis (I4422)
208 In 1638 John Bunting was summoned to the Epiphany Sessions at Derby. (Yeatman's History of Chesterfield) BUNTING, John (I4423)
209 In 1649 John and Edward Bunting appear as petitioners of the County of Derby against lawfully appointed Constables procuring persons of doubtful honesty as their deputies. BUNTING, John (I4423)
210 In 1850 shown to be running a nursery business and living in Coldwater, Branch, Michigan, USA. PERKINS, Sterling (I4903)
211 In 1860 Elizabeth was resident at Wollaton, Notts, at the time of her marriage to William Day. HILL, Elizabeth (I4380)
212 In 1860 Martin is recorded as a farmer at Cold Water, Branch, Michigan, USA. PERKINS, Martin (I4905)
213 In 1860 shown to be living and working as a farmer in Coldwater, Branch, Michigan, USA. PERKINS, Sterling (I4903)
214 In 1870 living at 207 Sturgis St Joseph, Michigan, USA. HILL, Eseck (I4835)
215 In 1880 Martin is recorded as keeping a livery stable at Pentwater, Oceana, Michigan, USA. PERKINS, Martin (I4905)
216 in 1880 mathew is a miner. in 1900 all children have left home, mathew and salome are living in clare michigan, where mathew is now a preacher. KNOWLES, Mathew (I1222)
217 In 1880 shown as living at Sturgis St Joseph, Michigan, USA. Occupation; Farmer HILL, Eseck (I4835)
218 In 1880 Sterling is shown as a teamster at Pentwater, Oceana, Michigan, USA. PERKINS, Sterling (I4903)
219 In 1888 Elizabeth kept a school for Ladies at Clifton House, Bridge St, Belper HILL, Elizabeth (I4380)
220 In 1900 James is recorded as a farmer living at Fawn River, St Joseph, Michigan, USA. WEATHERWAX, James (I4885)
221 in 1901 benjamins brother frank was lodging with the family, he was unmarried. occupation puddler GRICE, Benjamin (I1842)
222 in 1901 the family were living in sale cheshire, marys brother albert froggatt is living with them, occupation, butcher. FROGGATT, Mary Jane (I1718)
223 In 1910 James is recorded as a house buyer living at Sturgis, St Joseph, Michigan, USA. WEATHERWAX, James (I4885)
224 In 1911 Sarah Ann is shown as an inmate at the Chesterfield Workhouse. She is shown as being married and with 5 living children.. There is no sign of her husband James or the Children.

There has to be a sad story here somewhere. 
ALLEN, Sarah Ann (I5692)
225 In an abstract of Deed of 'Simon de Reresby, filius Dome' Thomas Buntyng was granted and confirmed by deed poll 'one messuage with the wood toft croftways waters moors easements and commodities in the Deilwode in the soke of Essover with all closes called Le Hurst, Le Nether Hurst, Darle Doles, Le Ryddinges Rushes et car., Lime Dole Whettfold two Dudmores two Wallflats the Near Acre the Wheat Close two crofts with the yardes and greene. To be held by the said Thomas Buntyng and his heirs forever paying the grantor and his heirs two shills. yearly. Hiis testibus: Johannes Bythbroke, Thome de Hunt, Henrico Venatore, Willhelme de Winfield, Thome de Crich, Knotting de Knotting, Thome filius Galfredi de Essovere, Rogero de Winfield; cum multis aliis. Dat: Essouvri Post Conquestum in anno regni Regis Edwardi Vicessino Secundo'

On a parchment label is a circular seal of green wax. Device; a flower or branch of a tree between two birds erect, circumscribed SIGILIUM SECRETI. (Wolley's MSS)

Adam Wooley has noted he believes the document writing has an appearance of being later, and 'Post Conquestum' was not used until Edward III. He felt that the document should be dated around the reign of Henry VIII. (Ron Bunting) However, on the assumption that the document written in Henry VIII's reign would likely be a rewriting or transcription of the original of 200 years earlier, it is likely that it would originally have been written about 1350. 
BUNTTYNG, Thomas (I4416)
226 In her husband, William's Will, Anne receives two closes of land 'with all the tythes belonging to it', and in his dwelling house 'two rooms, a parlour and a chamber over it during her life' together with all the household goods to dispose of at her own discretion.

It appear Anne only outlived her husband by a few weeks. 
SMETHURST, Anne (I169)
227 In his Will dated 03 Aug 1749, he was described as 'of Wassington, parish of Crich'

Probate was granted 17 October 1751.

Thomas left his estate to his grand nephew John Hill (who was living with him) 'the son of my nephew John Hill and grandson of my brother George Hill late of Alfreton.'

The estate included the lands known as 'Partridge Dole in Wassington', and all other of his real estate and goods were also to go to John and his heirs forever. He also makes small bequests to his nephew, John Taylor; his niece Helen Reynolds, wife of John Reynolds; his nephew Thomas Hill and niece mary Hill, son and daughter of his late brother George Hill. 
HILL, Thomas (I757)
228 In his will dated August 1824 John makes bequests of £200 each to his daughter Mary (wife of John Weston); his daughters Ann and Millicent Day together with use of a property in Eastwood for life; his wife Ann £10 per annum and use of a property for life; and all his personal and real estate to his son William Day. DAY, John (I4624)
229 In his Will of 1608, Godfrey names a son, Francis; daughter Mary Bale(?) and a daughter, the wife of Richard Gibson. Other names in the Will also occur in other Bunting Wills; namely Bower (named by William of Ashover 1613) and Townroe (Walter of South Normanton 1570 and John of Ashover 1667) BUNTINGE, Godfrey (I4421)
230 In his Will of 1667, John mentions his wife Elizabeth, his sister Elizabeth wife of Thomas Fitch. Also named are 'his mother Catherine Hunt and brother in law Christopher Hunt' It is not clear how these names reconcile with the name of his wife Elizabeth Bower.

Also mentioned is his 'kinswoman' (cousin) Susana the wife of John Farnsworth, and marie the wife of Francis Newham (possibly his sister)

Others are mentioned which also appear in other Wills; Barker (in the Wills of William of Ashover 1613 and Francis of Ashover 1632); Bower (in Wills of Godfrey 1608, William 1613, Francis 1632, and Elizabeth 1696); Towndrow (in Wills of Walter 1570, and Godfrey 1608) 
BUNTING, John (I4423)
231 In June 1917 John bought a stone built residence called Moorlands on Hill Top, Dronfield for £510
The auction was held at the Horse and Jockey public house Dronfield. 
MOSLEY, John (I3575)
232 In Sheffield registration district.
Reuben transcribed as Ruben 
Family F1573
233 In the 1851 census James was a widower living in Beetwell St, Chesterfield, and described as a Tallow Chandler; living with his daughter Mary Lydia (who was born in Liverpool) Also living with him was his niece Elizabeth Hill ('born Road Nook'; later wife of William Day) and his brother Henry Bunting, who was a Master Maltster. BUNTING, James (I4434)
234 In the 1851 census, Francis and Hannah, with their three children were on their 248 acre farm at Sutton. Also with them as a 'visitor' was Catherine Hill (age 22, born Brackenfield)who was Francis' niece, the sister of elizabeth Hill. Four years earlier in 1847 she had been present at the death of their mother Ann (née Bunting) BUNTING, Francis (I4432)
235 In the Portland of Welbeck (Nottinghamshire) Estate Papers for 1678 to 1685 there are the Cavendish Deeds which mention William Hill and his wife. HILL, William (I168)
236 In the printed pedigree of the Hill family, Margaret is said to be 'of Handley' (not far from North Wingfield) MILWARD, Margaret (I159)
237 In the Will of Obadiah Bunting, Ann is mentioned together with another Ann Lawrence, 'now wife of Thomas Hounsfield of Tupton', as having 'received from George Lawrence a legacy of a small copyhold estate' in Sutton in ashfield, nottinghamshire, to be held as tenants in common.

Probably george Lawrence was the father of Ann (Bunting) and the other Ann (Hounsfield) her mother. 
LAWRENCE, Ann (I4405)
238 In White's directory of 1832 'Mrs Sarah Day and the Misses Ann and Millicent Day' were resident at Newmanleys where there were then two mills (by 1853 there was only one cornmill).
In 1834 Sarah remarried to a farmer James Hopkin and went to live on his farm with her young children Elizabeth and William. Millicent remained at Newmanleys.  
BARKER, Sarah (I4638)
239 In Whites 1835 Directory James Walters, corn miller (probably William's father) was at Newmanleys. He was traced in the 1841 census with his wife Dorothy and several others of the family, and was mentioned as still there in Whites 1853 Directory. A George Walters, flour dealer, was also there.  WALTERS, William (I4644)
240 Information from burial record. OATES, Elizabeth (I5341)
241 It appears that this marriage was not always a happy one.

In 1871 James is shown living with four of his children, while Harriet is living with Samuel Salt and it appears they have two children together.. There is a later marriage after the death of James between Harriet and Samuel Salt. 
Family F1555
242 It is believed, though not proven, that Robert is the brother of Willliam. HILL, Robert (I4525)
243 It is not known for certain when Ellen and her brothers, John and Joseph were born, only that it was during the period 1701 - 1706. These children were shown only as 'achild of George Hill was born' with dates of Jan 1702; March 1703; and December 1706. HILL, Ellen (I3380)
244 It is not known for certain when John and his brother, Joseph, and sister, Ellen were born, only that it was during the period 1701 - 1706. These children were shown only as 'a child of George Hill was born' with dates of Jan 1702; March 1703; and December 1706. HILL, John (I158)
245 It is probably this John mentioned in the Ogston Estate papers. HILL, John (I152)
246 James enlisted with the Sherwood Foresters on 25 Nov 1914 for service in WW1. He was discharged only 21 days later as being unlikely to become an efficient soldier! MOSLEY, James Henry (I5614)
247 James is shown in the 1891 and 1901 census returns as living with his grandparents,George Hawkins and Hannah Unwin. MOSLEY, James (I5300)
248 james married hannah maria heath at st peter old brampton 12/12/1848 HILL, James (I111)
249 James was still a Tallow Chandler, this time at Highfield Rd, Chesterfield, and had remarried to Sarah Esther, with whom he had two more daughters, Elizabeth, and Emma Bunting. BUNTING, James (I4434)
250 james was the adopted son of jacob middleton born 1798 brampton derbyshire, occupation 1851grocer, james grocers assistant. SALT, James Stanhope (I2116)

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