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551 Who was Annie's father?

Leason Beedham died in 1861 and Annie was born in 1864 and carried the Beecham family name. There is no indication who her father was unless it is recorded on her Birth Certificate which I cannot justify obtaining at this time. 
Family (F1896)
552 widow of josephus aston ASTON, Mary (I2812)
553 widowed in 1890, living sheffield with daughter HILL, Ann (I953)
554 Wilfred is buried in the same grave as his grandfather, Allan Moseley. There is no inscription or separate headstone. MOSLEY, Wilfred Henry (I8582)
555 Will of Francis Brittlebank, made 30th October 1787:

This is the Last will and Testament of me Francis Brittlebank of Winsterin the County of Derby Taylor Being weak in Body, but of Sound Mind and Memory Praised be Almighty God for the Same. Imprimis I will and Direct that all my just Debts, and Funeral expences be paid and I do Hereby charge and Make Subject and Lyable Both my Real and Personal Estate with the payment thereof. Item, I Give and Bequeath to Francis Brittlebank the younger my grandson, All that Large Family Bible. Item, I give and Bequeath to my Son John Brittlebank My Chest with my Cloaths, therein and the Rest of my wearing appariel whatsoever. Item, I Give and Bequeath to my Loving Wife Alice Brittlebank All the House I now Dwell in with the Out Houses and Gardens thereunto Belonging During the Term of Her Natural Life and From and Immediately after Her Decease to my Son John Brittlebank to HIm and His Heirs or Assigns forever. Subject Nevertheless paying to my Daughter Mary the Wife of John Hill the Full and Just Sum of Ten pounds of Good and Lawfull money of Great Britain at the End of One whole year next after He is in Possession. Item, I Give to my grandaughter Mary the Wife of Joseph Higgot Twenty Shillings of Lawfull money to be paid to her as above Mentioned. Item, I give and Bequeath unto my Said Dear Wife Alice Brittlebank her Executors Administrators and Assigns All my Personal Estate, Ready Money,Securitys for Money (except what is herein before given) to her and their own proper use and Disposal. And I do Hereby Nominate Constitute and Appoint my Said Dear Wife Alice Brittlebank Sole Executrix of this my Last will and Testament. Hereby Revoking and making Null and Void to all intents and Purposes all Former and Other Wills and Testaments By me at Any time or Times heretofore made and Declaring this to Be my Last will and Testament in Witness whereof I the Said Testator Francis Brittlebank have to this my Last will and Testament contained in one sheet of paper set my Hand and Seal this Thirtyeth Day of October in the Twenty Eight year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third By the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and So forth and in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven. Signed Sealed published and Declared By the said Francis Brittlebank the Testator as and for his Last Will and Testament In the presence of us who at his Request in His presence and in the Presence of Each Other have Hereunto Subscribed our Names as witnesses thereof. Signatures of : John Durden, George Staley, Thomas Roper, John Brittlebank, and Francis Brittlebank (his mark).9th April 1788: Let probate be made Alice Brittlebank widow the Executrix 
BRITTLEBANK, Francis (I154)
556 William and Nancy were married by licence. The marriage licence stated that William was over 21, a joiner by trade, resident in Crich, and that Nancy was over 18. Nancy's father was given as William smith, Innkeeper, of Crich. Family (F72)
557 William did not leave a will but there is a grant of administration, dated Nov 1719, of the estate of 'William Day, Miller of Eastwood' to his son John Day. It is signed by another William Day, Miller, and John Dawes, farmer of Newthorpe. (These are John's brother William and his brother-in-law John Dawes, husband of their sister Elizabeth). DAY, William (I4599)
558 William died aged 19. He was buried in Chesterfield parish churchyard with his brother Robert and his sister Ann Hill, wife of john Hill. The graves were moved in the 1930's for a new road construction. BUNTING, William Hodgkinson (I4401)
559 William Hill of Wessington was a husbandman, and left a Will dated 1589 in which he left the bulk of his estate to his son Robert. Other bequests are made to his son William and his children; his son Henry; John son of Henry; his son Thomas; William and Elizabeth the children of Thomas; his daughter Grace Robinson, and the children of Thomas Robinson (his son in law?) the children of John Cockyne (husband of Agnes?) And Thomas, William, Agnes and Jone, the children of Robert Hill.

Also receiving a bequest is William Hill "my nevie (nephew) now dwelling with mee". This nephew William, who must be the son of William's brother, has not been positively identified. A reference to "my sister Nicolas Alisson his wyffe" refers to his unnamed sister, husband of Nicholas Alison. 
HILL, William (I1121)
560 William is recorded as Innkeeper ad Farmer of 240 acres, employing 8 labourers and 1 boy.

He is shown living with Mary and three of his children; James; John; Amy.

Two servants were also resident; John Flower and Fanny Grafton.  
NICHOLSON, William (I3230)
561 William left a comprehensive Will, which mentions his wife Helen; some (but not all) of his children and grandchildren, and in-laws. These include: his son, Robert, not yet 21, who with his widow is the main beneficiary; his daughter, Margaret, not yet 21; his youngest daughter, Elizabeth; his youngest son, William and his daughter, Helen Woodward, with her two children, Henry and Anne. He also asks that his brother, Thomas be taken care of. (which suggests he was somehow disabled)

His son-in-las, Thomas Woodward, and brother-in-law, Robert Hunt are named overseers of his Will.

William also bequeathes "unto the poore of Washington Ten shillings tobe devided amongste them at the discression of my Executrix and overseers." 
HILL, William (I762)
562 William left a Will dated 07 May 1722, which describes him as 'Yeoman of Washington'.

William remained unmarried, but there are bequests to many of his close family who are named in the Will: 'my beloved brother Thomas Hill fifty shillings a year; my beloved brother George Hill fifty shillings a years; my beloved sister Hellen Talor forty shillings a year; my loving kinswoman Hellen Renard one shilling; Hellen renard junior, daughter to John Renard one pound one shilling' (These are his niece Helen, who married John Reynolds, and their daughter, Helen, who died shortly after her bequest aged 4)

The bulk of his estate is left to 'John Hill my beloved kinsman (his nephew, son of George) who is also sole executor. In addition he bequeathes to 'the poor distressed widdows of Washington that have no weekly pay, ten shillings a years for ever.'

HILL, William (I773)
563 William left a Will dated 10 July 1703, with probate granted in 1706.

He mentions his son, Thomas; his son George; George's children, John, Thomas, Mary and Elizabeth; and his son William who receives the bulk of his estate. Receiving parcels of land are his wife Anne, his daughter, Helen and her daughter, Helen Taylor. These include lands by the name of Nether Partridge Dole lying in Washington, Butterfield lying in Brackenfield, Nine Half Acres lying in Washington, and two closes called Blackshaw and Moore Piece. 
HILL, William (I168)
564 William NICHOLSON and his wife Mary HINDS ran the Beehive public house in Blythe, Nottinghamshire for about 30 years. HIND, Mary (I3231)
565 William recorded as Farmer and Publican, living with his wife Mary, daughter Amy and John Flower, aged 46, farm servant. NICHOLSON, William (I3230)
566 William recorded as Farmer and Publican, living with Mary and his children; Anne, a barmaid; Elizabeth, a Milliner; Fanny; George; Sarah; William; Edward; James; John.

Others resident were: Ann Bartrop, 73 and widowed, who is recorded as a visitor. Harriet Bell, niece aged 13. George Harris, servant, and John Flower, servant 
NICHOLSON, William (I3230)
567 William recorded as Publican and Farmer, living with Mary, his daughters Ann and Elizabeth.

Also living with the family are: John Flower, Farm Servant; William Kelk, Farm Servant, James Davy, boarder and farm labourer.

Ann Hinde, sister of Mary was also resident for the census. 
NICHOLSON, William (I3230)
568 william was a labourer. SHELDON, William (I1587)
569 William was a prominent member of the Society of Friends or 'Quakers' which he embraced to the extent that in 1678 he, with three other friends, funded and purchased the Meeting House at Codnor Breach, Derbyshire 'as a meeting house and burial ground for the use of the people of God called Quakers for ever'. The deed excluded the heirs and successors from any claim in the property.
William's property at Newmanleys was also used for many years as a Meeting House.  
DAY, William (I4599)
570 William was baptised privately 13 January, then in church on 2 February. MOSLEY, William (I3610)
571 William was described in his father's Will (Thomas Buntyng d.1558) as 'William of Duffield.' Possibly he is the one who died at Ashover in 1585/6, who had daughters Elizabeth and Susan; a son Henry; a brother George, and sister Elizabeth Hopkinson. BUNTINGE, William (I4502)
572 William was killed in a road accident while changing a tyre on new years day 1956. MOSELEY, William Allan (I5960)
573 William was the main beneficiary of his father's Will, inheriting the bulk of the lands and personal estate in Washington. HILL, William (I773)
574 William's father is unknown.

He did not live with his mother and step father as a child, but with his maternal grandparents.

His marriage certificate shows his grandfather as his father, indicating he had been brought up as the son of his grandparents.

Family (F782)
575 William's father is unknown.

He did not live with his mother and step father as a child, but with his maternal grandparents.

His marriage certificate shows his grandfather as his father, indicating he had been brought up as the son of his grandparents. 
MOSLEY, William (I4288)
576 William's importance in the Day family is that he was the original member of the family to purchase from the Strelley estate, in 1612, Newmanleys Corn Mill at Eastwood, Notts. on the banks of the River Erewash which forms the Nottingamshire and Derbyshire border. Included in the sale were 'all mills, buildings, meadows, river dams and weirs, hereditaments' etc.
The mill was to remain in the family for the next 250 years until it was sold in 1860 following the death of the then owner.  
DAY, William (I4586)
577 William's will dated 1754 left estate lying in Dale Moors in Derbyshire to his wife Dorothy and his mill at Trowell to his son William. His other children were left sums of money: £60 each to his sons and £40 each to his daughters, except Sarah who for some unknown reason was left only a notional five shillings. DAY, William (I4604)
578 William's will dated June 1826 leaves property and lands including a windmill in Eastwood and Ilkeston. It provides for his wife Sarah to receive the income from his estate until four-year old son John is 25 years old, after which she gets the property in Ilkeston and an annuity of £25 as long as she remains a widow. John then receives the real estate in Eastwood including 'messuages, cottages, mills, lands, tenements and herditaments'.
Daughters Julia, Ann and Elizabeth each receive £150, and a similar sum is to be paid to 'such child as my wife Sarah is pregnant of' (who was to be William) when he is 21 years old. Probate was granted April 1827.  
DAY, William (I4634)
579 William's will left estate in Ilkeston and Stanton-juxta-Dale, Derbyshire to his son John, and an annuity of £25 to his wife Hannah. The mill at Trowell left to him by his father was not mentioned in the will which implies he had disposed of it. DAY, William (I4615)
580 Williams' parents were not married at the time of his birth. He was christened William Widdowson on 14 Sept 1823 at Whittington. WIDDOWSON, William (I4698)
581 With her son Charles DENNIS, Elizabeth (I3211)
582 With her step father and her mother BOOTH, Ellen (I6243)
583 Witnesses to marriage: Thomas Sims & Mary Carlin Family (F53)
584 Witnesses to the marriage were: John HILL and Gertrude FROGGATT. Family (F59)
585 Wooley MSS indicate Thomas known to be living 1428-1476. BUNTTYNG, Thomas (I4417)
586 Woolley MSS: In 1543 Thomas was a Juror upon an Inquisition Post Mortem. BUNTYNG, Thomas (I4420)
587 Worked as a Cart driver MOISANT, Pierre (I3544)
588 Worked as a Coachman and grocer FERREAU, Adrien (I3466)
589 Worked as a commercial assistant SICHET, Flavie Louise (I3467)
590 Worked as a cultivator SICHET, Alexis Bonaventure (I4343)
591 Worked as a cultivator RIGUET, Veronique Aurélie (I4344)
592 Worked as a daily labourer FERREAU, Toussaint Casimir (I3468)
593 Worked as a domestic servant BELLIER, Marie Sebastien (I3560)
594 Worked as a labourers assistant FERREAU, Jacques (I3496)
595 Worked as a painter and decorator(tradesman)
Also painted vehicles. 
FERREAU, Roland (I3463)
596 Worked as labourers assistant FERIAU, Jacques (I3497)
597 Worked as Weaver FERIAU, Pierre (I4351)
598 Yeatman's History of Chesterfield: John Buntyng and William Buntyng lived at Buntingfield, Ashover 1523. BUNTTYNG, John (I4418)
599 [WO]Augustin Lecoeur & Prosper Pillippe Family (F693)

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