Barlow, Derbyshire, England



Latitude: 53.2675797, Longitude: -1.4843979


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1838Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5630
2 BECKETT, Annie  1889Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1373
3 BECKETT, Walter  1864Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1372
4 BECKETT, Walter Edward  1890Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1374
5 BECKETT, William  1893Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1376
6 BRADBURY, William  Abt 1787Barlow, Derbyshire, England I7961
7 CARTLEDGE, Ernest  Abt. 1882Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6504
8 CARTLEDGE, Hannah  Abt. 1868Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6503
9 CROFTS, Sarah  1819Barlow, Derbyshire, England I2458
10 DALE, Clara Ellen  Abt. 1859Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5906
11 DALE, Florence  Abt. 1856Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6097
12 DALE, Frank James  Abt. 1860Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6098
13 DALE, George  Abt. 1814Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6093
14 DALE, George  Abt. 1846Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6096
15 DALE, William  Abt. 1843Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6095
16 HANCOCK, Allwood  1848Barlow, Derbyshire, England I2879
17 HANCOCK, Eliza  1841Barlow, Derbyshire, England I2880
18 HANCOCK, Ernest  1888Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1424
19 HANCOCK, Hannah  1849Barlow, Derbyshire, England I2881
20 HANCOCK, James  1839Barlow, Derbyshire, England I2882
21 HANCOCK, Martin  1837Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1385
22 HANCOCK, Martin  1838Barlow, Derbyshire, England I2883
23 HANCOCK, Mary  1843Barlow, Derbyshire, England I2884
24 HANCOCK, Owen  1885Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1423
25 HANCOCK, Sarah Ann  1875Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1421
26 HANCOCK, William  1850Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1410
27 HANCOCK, William James  1878Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1422
28 HAWKINS, Christiana  Abt. 1865Barlow, Derbyshire, England I4279
29 HOLMES, Elizabeth  1815Barlow, Derbyshire, England I4278
30 HOLMES, Hannah  Abt. 1846Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6485
31 HOLMES, John  Abt. 1819Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6483
32 HOLMES, Martha  Abt. 1844Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6484
33 HOWARD, Jane  Abt 1814Barlow, Derbyshire, England I8213
34 JOWETT, Eliza  1848Barlow, Derbyshire, England I2367
35 JOWETT, George  1827Barlow, Derbyshire, England I2365
36 KENDERDINE, Martha  1821Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1290
37 KEY, Frances Mabel  8 Jul 1887Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6332
38 KEY, Harry  15 Jun 1891Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6334
39 KNIGHT, William  1848Barlow, Derbyshire, England I1291
40 MARSH, Ellen  20 Aug 1865Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5926
41 MARSH, John  Abt. 1870Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5952
42 MILLINGTON, Amy Julia  Abt 1875Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6323
43 MOSELEY, Annie  21 May 1892Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5911
44 MOSELEY, Frank  13 Jul 1890Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5910
45 MOSELEY, George  Abt. 1888Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5917
46 MOSELEY, Harry  Abt. 1885Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5908
47 MOSLEY, Ada Ellen  3 Jul 1888Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5930
48 MOSLEY, Annie Ethel  23 Apr 1884Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5927
49 MOSLEY, Florence Dale  Abt. 1885Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5907
50 MOSLEY, George  1873Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6722

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 MOSELEY, Annie  5 Feb 1893Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5911
2 MOSELEY, Harry  21 Jun 1885Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5908
3 MOSLEY, Ada Ellen  16 Aug 1888Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5930
4 MOSLEY, Annie Ethel  10 Aug 1884Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5927
5 MOSLEY, John Arthur  16 Aug 1888Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5929


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DALE, George  1878Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6093
2 DIXON, Elizabeth  1879Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5948
3 MARSH, Joseph  Bef 19 Feb 1867Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5947
4 MOSLEY, John Arthur  Abt 1888Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5929
5 SIDDALL, Ellen  Sept 1892Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6094
6 TURNER, Ann  16 May 1854Barlow, Derbyshire, England I8214
7 TURNER, Gervaise  26 Mar 1854Barlow, Derbyshire, England I8215
8 TURNER, Hannah  1877Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5053
9 TURNER, William  Bef 20 Jul 1897Barlow, Derbyshire, England I8212
10 WALTERS, Mary Ann  1896Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6476
11 WALTERS, Thomas  1886Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5052


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DALE, George  17 Apr 1878Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6093
2 DIXON, Elizabeth  30 Nov 1879Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5948
3 MARSH, Joseph  19 Feb 1867Barlow, Derbyshire, England I5947
4 SIDDALL, Ellen  26 Sept 1892Barlow, Derbyshire, England I6094


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dale / Siddall  Sept 1841Barlow, Derbyshire, England F1313
2 MOSLEY / Marsh  11 Jun 1883Barlow, Derbyshire, England F1261