Latitude: 53.2474637 N, Longitude: 1.6225484 W


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUXTON, Sarah  Abt. 1802Baslow, Derbyshire, England I535
2 DERRAND, Jane  1670Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1549
3 FISHER, William  1775Baslow, Derbyshire, England I178
4 FROGGATT, Anne  1700Baslow, Derbyshire, England I706
5 FROGGATT, Anne  1759Baslow, Derbyshire, England I715
6 FROGGATT, Benjamin  1843Baslow, Derbyshire, England I689
7 FROGGATT, Benjamin  1802Baslow, Derbyshire, England I723
8 FROGGATT, Benjamin  1848Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1033
9 FROGGATT, Benjamin  1887Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1440
10 FROGGATT, Benjamin  1782Baslow, Derbyshire, England I2455
11 FROGGATT, Edward  1777Baslow, Derbyshire, England I3030
12 FROGGATT, Elizabeth  1695Baslow, Derbyshire, England I704
13 FROGGATT, Elizabeth  1756Baslow, Derbyshire, England I714
14 FROGGATT, Elizabeth  1831Baslow, Derbyshire, England I743
15 FROGGATT, Fanny D  1851Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1036
16 FROGGATT, Frances  1699Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1553
17 FROGGATT, Frances  19 Sep 1869Baslow, Derbyshire, England I203
18 FROGGATT, Frances Elizabeth  1852Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1037
19 FROGGATT, Grace  1714Baslow, Derbyshire, England I711
20 FROGGATT, Hannah  1767Baslow, Derbyshire, England I718
21 FROGGATT, Hannah  1813Baslow, Derbyshire, England I725
22 FROGGATT, Harriett  1850Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1406
23 FROGGATT, Hezekia  1763Baslow, Derbyshire, England I717
24 FROGGATT, Hezekia  Abt 1815Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1026
25 FROGGATT, Hezekiah  1846Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1035
26 FROGGATT, Jane  1702Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1554
27 FROGGATT, John  1850Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1034
28 FROGGATT, Lizzie  1874Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1439
29 FROGGATT, Maria  1693Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1551
30 FROGGATT, Martha  1839Baslow, Derbyshire, England I688
31 FROGGATT, Martha  1773Baslow, Derbyshire, England I720
32 FROGGATT, Mary  1773Baslow, Derbyshire, England I719
33 FROGGATT, Mary  1851Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1408
34 FROGGATT, Mary Anne  1833Baslow, Derbyshire, England I687
35 FROGGATT, Phineas  1691Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1550
36 FROGGATT, Raphael  1704Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1555
37 FROGGATT, Richard  1665Baslow, Derbyshire, England I702
38 FROGGATT, Richard  1697Baslow, Derbyshire, England I705
39 FROGGATT, Richard  Abt. 1849Baslow, Derbyshire, England I6252
40 FROGGATT, Robert  1857Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1409
41 FROGGATT, Rowland  1701Baslow, Derbyshire, England I707
42 FROGGATT, Samuel  1845Baslow, Derbyshire, England I690
43 FROGGATT, Samuel  1752Baslow, Derbyshire, England I721
44 FROGGATT, Sara  1696Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1552
45 FROGGATT, Sarah  1711Baslow, Derbyshire, England I710
46 FROGGATT, Sarah  1800Baslow, Derbyshire, England I724
47 FROGGATT, Sarah Ann  1852Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1407
48 FROGGATT, Selina  1847Baslow, Derbyshire, England I691
49 FROGGATT, Thomas  1730Baslow, Derbyshire, England I701
50 FROGGATT, Thomas  1716Baslow, Derbyshire, England I712

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARTON, Frances  17 Oct 1875Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1032
2 FROGGATT, Benjamin  17 Jan 1794Baslow, Derbyshire, England I2455
3 FROGGATT, Benjamin  25 Nov 1862Baslow, Derbyshire, England I723
4 FROGGATT, Elizabeth  21 Sep 1817Baslow, Derbyshire, England I714
5 FROGGATT, Hezekia  29 Nov 1838Baslow, Derbyshire, England I717
6 FROGGATT, Mary  17 Jan 1797Baslow, Derbyshire, England I719
7 FROGGATT, Robert  14 Dec 1847Baslow, Derbyshire, England I170
8 FROGGATT, Samuel  18 Sep 1814Baslow, Derbyshire, England I174
9 FROGGATT, Thomas  27 Apr 1835Baslow, Derbyshire, England I716
10 FROGGATT, William  11 Sep 1858Baslow, Derbyshire, England I686
11 HERRINGTON, George  16 May 1930Baslow, Derbyshire, England I2753
12 HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth  29 Aug 1822Baslow, Derbyshire, England I173
13 LEYLAND, Elizabeth  05 May 1802Baslow, Derbyshire, England I175
14 PINDER, Thomas  1891Baslow, Derbyshire, England I5181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 PINDER, Thomas  12 Aug 1891Baslow, Derbyshire, England I5181


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FROGGATT / STAFFORD  28 Jan 1781Baslow, Derbyshire, England F298
2 FROGGATT / WHITE  23 May 1721Baslow, Derbyshire, England F124
3 TURNER / NICHOLLS  31 May 1852Baslow, Derbyshire, England F1036