Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England



Latitude: 53.2537085, Longitude: -1.5035216


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADLINGTON, George  1840Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I2350
2 ADLINGTON, John  1842Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I2351
3 ADLINGTON, Mary Ann  1839Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I2352
4 BRADBURY, Annie  Abt 1897Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7953
5 BRADBURY, Edith  Abt. 1882Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6653
6 BRADBURY, Ellis  26 Oct 1846Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5861
7 BRADBURY, Ellis  3 Sept 1891Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7952
8 BRADBURY, Ethel  Abt 1888Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7955
9 BRADBURY, Florence  Abt 1883Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7959
10 BRADBURY, Frank  Abt 1870Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7956
11 BRADBURY, Hannah  Abt 1886Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7954
12 BRADBURY, Henry  Abt 1822Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7967
13 BRADBURY, John  Abt 1816Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7968
14 BRADBURY, Lavina  Abt 1875Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7960
15 BRADBURY, Louisa  Abt 1873Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7957
16 BRADBURY, Mary  Abt 1826Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7963
17 BRADBURY, Maud  Abt. 1871Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6650
18 BRADBURY, Robert  Abt. 1879Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6652
19 BRADBURY, Tom  Abt 1883Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7951
20 BRADBURY, Walter  Abt 1877Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7958
21 BRADBURY, William  Abt 1820Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7966
22 COLLISS, Ann  Abt. 1854Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5990
23 FROGGATT, Elizabeth Sarah  1849Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I1028
24 HAYES, Mary Anne  Abt 1847Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7950
25 KIRKLAND, Ambrose Victor  7 Feb 1894Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I8449
26 KIRKLAND, William Richard  1 May 1892Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I8441
27 KIRKLAND, Xenia Gwendoline  Abt 1896Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I8450
28 MOSELEY, Frederick Victor  24 May 1891Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5886
29 MOSLEY, John  Abt. 1850Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5868
30 MOSLEY, Thomas  Abt. 1825Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5851
31 NEEDHAM, Fanny  Abt 1873Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I8448
32 NEEDHAM, Mary  Abt. 1804Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5875
33 SALT, Samuel  Abt. 1844Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7022
34 SHAWCROFT, Ada  Abt. 1899Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6660
35 SHAWCROFT, Anne  Abt. 1900Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6661
36 SHAWCROFT, Charles  Abt. 1898Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6659
37 SHAWCROFT, Edward  Abt. 1893Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6657
38 SHAWCROFT, George  Abt. 1895Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6658
39 SHAWCROFT, James  Abt. 1892Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6656
40 STEVENSON, John  27 May 1882Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6179
41 STEVENSON, May  Abt. 1892Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6181
42 TAGG, David  Abt 1827Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I4947
43 TAGG, John  1806Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I1786
44 TAGG, Owen  Abt 1851Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I8102


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRADBURY, Ellis  1914Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5861
2 BRADBURY, Robert  28 Nov 1875Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5856
3 BRADBURY, William  Bef 20 Sept 1868Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7961
4 MITCHELL, Sarah  10 Jun 1860Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5847
5 MOSLEY, Hannah  7 Mar 1889Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5848
6 MOSLEY, John  Bef 8 Nov 1831Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5844
7 NICHOLSON, Alfred Ernest  1968Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I3214
8 SILCOCK, Elizabeth  Bef 23 Nov 1873Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7962
9 STEVENSON, John  14 Apr 1883Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I6183
10 THORPE, Clifford Henry  19 Aug 1990Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I3122


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 BRADBURY, Ellis  1895Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7952
2 BRADBURY, Ellis  1896Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I7952


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 MOSLEY, Thomas  1841Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England I5851


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 BRADBURY / Hayes  1911Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England F1921
2 BRADBURY / Hayes  1891Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England F1921
3 Bradbury / Needham  1871Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England F1923
4 Bradbury / Silcock  1861Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England F1922
5 Bradbury / Silcock  1841Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England F1922
6 Bradbury / Silcock  1851Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England F1922
7 Crofts / MOSLEY  1881Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England F1245
8 FROGGATT / ADLINGTON  1841Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England F352
9 FROGGATT / ADLINGTON  1851Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England F352
10 MOSLEY / Sansom  1881Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England F1248
11 MOSLEY / Wagstaff  1871Cutthorpe, Derbyshire, England F1246