Derby, Derbyshire, England



Latitude: 52.9218993, Longitude: -1.475642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COTTRELL, Ernest  1888Derby, Derbyshire, England I7169
2 DODGSON, Elizabeth  13 May 1885Derby, Derbyshire, England I7458
3 FROGGATT, John  1702Derby, Derbyshire, England I708
4 GOACHER, Thomas  1895Derby, Derbyshire, England I1676
5 GREEN, Henry  1873Derby, Derbyshire, England I2137
6 GREEN, John  1870Derby, Derbyshire, England I2136
7 GREEN, Joseph  1855Derby, Derbyshire, England I2132
8 GREEN, Louisa  1865Derby, Derbyshire, England I1818
9 GREEN, Mariah  1868Derby, Derbyshire, England I2133
10 GREEN, Maurice  1867Derby, Derbyshire, England I2135
11 GREEN, Samuel  1861Derby, Derbyshire, England I2134
12 GRICE, Alfred  1895Derby, Derbyshire, England I1899
13 GRICE, Annie  1894Derby, Derbyshire, England I1823
14 GRICE, Benjamin  1886Derby, Derbyshire, England I1896
15 GRICE, Bertha  1893Derby, Derbyshire, England I1900
16 GRICE, Clara  1881Derby, Derbyshire, England I1894
17 GRICE, Clara  1896Derby, Derbyshire, England I1916
18 GRICE, Ellen E  1888Derby, Derbyshire, England I1917
19 GRICE, Emily   I1898
20 GRICE, Frank  1883Derby, Derbyshire, England I1895
21 GRICE, Frank  1894Derby, Derbyshire, England I1918
22 GRICE, Mary E  1885Derby, Derbyshire, England I1819
23 GRICE, Sarah  1889Derby, Derbyshire, England I1897
24 GRICE, William   I1901
25 IDOWU, A.O.   I6239
26 PAWLEY, Mabel Jane  1 May 1888Derby, Derbyshire, England I8021
27 RANDELL, Ellen  Abt. 1873Derby, Derbyshire, England I6572
28 REEVES, Elliot John Alec   I5003
29 REEVES, Natasha Helen Elizabeth   I5004
30 SHARPE, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1890Derby, Derbyshire, England I6466
31 TABERER, Hannah  Abt 1866Derby, Derbyshire, England I8012
32 THORPE, Ethel  Abt 1888Derby, Derbyshire, England I3169
33 THORPE, James Henry  12 Jul 1883Derby, Derbyshire, England I3120
34 UNKNOWN, Mary  1841Derby, Derbyshire, England I1826
35 WEBSTER, Bertram Austin  4 Mar 1886Derby, Derbyshire, England I8013
36 WRIGHT, Alfred Willows Horatio  Abt 1870Derby, Derbyshire, England I7614
37 WRIGHT, Charles Newbold  Abt 1866Derby, Derbyshire, England I7613
38 WRIGHT, Thomas Willows  21 Dec 1866Derby, Derbyshire, England I7615


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 TUNE, William  31 Aug 1880Derby, Derbyshire, England I596


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CROFTS / RADFORD  06 Oct 1845Derby, Derbyshire, England F263
2 WEBSTER / Pawley  1914Derby, Derbyshire, England F1398
3 WOOD / Knifton   F1515
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