Latitude: 53.3010849 N, Longitude: 1.4658705 W


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Alice Maud  1896Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5208
2 ALLEN, Ann  1758Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5215
3 ALLEN, Annie  Abt. 1866Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5195
4 ALLEN, Arthur  1751Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5190
5 ALLEN, Arthur  Abt. 1725Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5209
6 ALLEN, Arthur  1776Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5219
7 ALLEN, Doris May  1901Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3648
8 ALLEN, Doris Mosley  16 Jan 1911Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6242
9 ALLEN, Edward  09 Apr 1864Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5194
10 ALLEN, Eliza Ann  Abt. 1870Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5197
11 ALLEN, Elizabeth  1794Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5229
12 ALLEN, Elizabeth Ann  Abt. 1863Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5202
13 ALLEN, Ernest E  Abt. 1887Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5204
14 ALLEN, Fanny  Abt. 1756Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5214
15 ALLEN, Florence H  Abt. 1885Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5203
16 ALLEN, Florina  1863Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5193
17 ALLEN, Frank  Abt. 1880Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5200
18 ALLEN, George  Abt. 1839Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5184
19 ALLEN, George  1784Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5222
20 ALLEN, George H  Abt. 1872Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5198
21 ALLEN, George W  Abt. 1889Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5205
22 ALLEN, Hannah  Abt. 1764Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5217
23 ALLEN, Hannah  1780Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5221
24 ALLEN, Harold R  Abt. 1891Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5206
25 ALLEN, Harriet  1791Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5228
26 ALLEN, Harriet Ann  Abt. 1880Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6408
27 ALLEN, John  Abt. 1747Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5211
28 ALLEN, John  Abt. 1782Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5226
29 ALLEN, Lilian Enid  1904Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I4817
30 ALLEN, Mary  Abt. 1761Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5216
31 ALLEN, Mary  1773Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5218
32 ALLEN, Mary  1789Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5227
33 ALLEN, Milicent  1780Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5225
34 ALLEN, Montague  Abt. 1874Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5199
35 ALLEN, Peggy  1778Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5224
36 ALLEN, Robert  Abt. 1875Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3901
37 ALLEN, Robert  Abt. 1821Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5186
38 ALLEN, Robert  Abt. 1785Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5188
39 ALLEN, Rosamund  Abt. 1749Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5212
40 ALLEN, Rose Minnie  Abt. 1868Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5196
41 ALLEN, Samuel  1789Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5223
42 ALLEN, Sarah  Abt. 1845Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6244
43 ALLEN, Sarah Eliza  30 Apr 1893Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5207
44 ALLEN, Ursula  1753Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5213
45 ALLEN, William  1779Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5220
46 BOOKER, Anne  1871Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I2144
47 BOOKER, Benjamin  1843Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I2140
48 BOOKER, Benjamin  1874Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I2145
49 BOOKER, Fanny  1875Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I1810
50 BOOKER, James  1876Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I2146

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Ann  14 May 1758Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5215
2 ALLEN, Arthur  15 Sept 1751Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5190
3 ALLEN, Arthur  17 Oct 1776Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5219
4 ALLEN, Elizabeth  21 Sept 1794Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5229
5 ALLEN, Fanny  22 Feb 1756Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5214
6 ALLEN, George  22 Nov 1784Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5222
7 ALLEN, Hannah  22 Apr 1764Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5217
8 ALLEN, Hannah  07 Oct 1780Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5221
9 ALLEN, Harriet  09 Nov 1791Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5228
10 ALLEN, John  10 May 1747Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5211
11 ALLEN, John  29 Jan 1783Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5226
12 ALLEN, Mary  27 Apr 1761Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5216
13 ALLEN, Mary  31 Dec 1773Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5218
14 ALLEN, Mary  31 May 1789Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5227
15 ALLEN, Milicent  14 Apr 1780Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5225
16 ALLEN, Peggy  06 May 1778Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5224
17 ALLEN, Rosamund  05 Apr 1749Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5212
18 ALLEN, Samuel  01 May 1789Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5223
19 ALLEN, Ursula  29 Sept 1753Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5213
20 ALLEN, William  05 Aug 1779Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5220
21 TURNER, William  18 Aug 1867Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6305


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Charlotte  13 Feb 1865Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5189
2 Matilda  Bef 12 Dec 1881Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6433
3 ALLEN, Doris May  1902Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3648
4 ALLEN, George  16 Jul 1907Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5184
5 ALLEN, John  1861Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5226
6 ALLEN, Peggy  26 Oct 1780Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5224
7 ALLEN, Robert  27 Sept 1910Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3901
8 ALLEN, Sarah Eliza  23 Mar 1961Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5207
9 ALLEN, Ursula  24 Jun 1756Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5213
10 BENNETT, Alice  Jan 1853Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5485
11 BENNETT, Ann  Bef. 8 Dec 1876Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I7856
12 BOOTH, Ann  15 Jun 1920Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3606
13 DAVISON, Jane  Apr 1910Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6762
14 GARD, Owen Hind  19 Sept 1940Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3146
15 LINACRE, James  1877Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I7015
16 MASKERY, John  21 Feb 1845Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6936
17 MATTHEWS, Cyril  1918Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6404
18 MATTHEWS, Gladys  Jul 1900Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6406
19 MOSLEY, Aaron  1888Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3596
20 MOSLEY, Albert Swift  1 Mar 1962Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3586
21 MOSLEY, Dennis  16 Aug 1966Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3609
22 MOSLEY, George  10 Feb 1887Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3612
23 MOSLEY, James  Bef 27 Aug 1855Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I4264
24 MOSLEY, Thomas  6 Dec 1939Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5331
25 MOSLEY, William  Bef 11 Oct 1849Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3610
26 PEARSON, Sarah  Sept 1862Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6418
27 REDFEARN, Elizabeth Swift  1888Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3580
28 RIDE, Dora  1909Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6317
29 SHARPE, Hiram  1872Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6447
30 SHARPE, Jeremiah  Jun 1853Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6434
31 SHARPE, William  Oct 1851Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6417
32 SHARPE, William  Feb 1903Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6435
33 SHIRT, John  28 Sept 1906Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6960
34 SHIRT, Mary Ann  1854Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6970
35 SKINNER, William Tedwas  13 Dec 1889Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I8246
36 TAGG, Samuel  Bef 21 Nov 1858Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I8101
37 THORPE, Sarah  18 Apr 1917Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3592
38 WEBSTER, George William Turner  1912Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3722
39 WEBSTER, Harold  1902Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6410
40 WEBSTER, Robert  Bef 29 Aug 1850Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I8928
41 WESTNIDGE, William  1 May 1889Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6761


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Matilda  12 Dec 1881Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6433


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 POGMORE, Mary  30 Mar 1851Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5051
2 TURNER, Aaron  30 Mar 1851Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5049
3 TURNER, Henry  30 Mar 1851Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3598
4 TURNER, Henry  07 Apr 1861Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3598
5 TURNER, William  30 Mar 1851Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I5050


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 MOSLEY, William  1915Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3574
2 WESTNIDGE, William  Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I6761


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1851Dronfield, Derbyshire, England I3611


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLEN / CARTLEDGE  04 Nov 1746Dronfield, Derbyshire, England F1069
2 LOWE / ALLEN  16 May 1782Dronfield, Derbyshire, England F1071
3 MOSLEY / HAVENHAND  16 Jul 1932Dronfield, Derbyshire, England F2092
4 TURNER / Pogmore  11 Apr 1811Dronfield, Derbyshire, England F1037

Life Event

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   Family    Life Event    Family ID 
1 MOSLEY / GREEN  1892Dronfield, Derbyshire, England F1084


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 MOSLEY / Dennis  1851Dronfield, Derbyshire, England F645
2 MOSLEY / Medd  1861Dronfield, Derbyshire, England F1099
3 MOSLEY / Medd  1851Dronfield, Derbyshire, England F1099
4 Sharpe /   1841Dronfield, Derbyshire, England F1563
5 Westnidge / Davison  1851Dronfield, Derbyshire, England F1487