Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England



Latitude: 53.0177421, Longitude: -1.308161


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BIGGS, Dorothy  Jan 1697Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4612
2 DAY, Ann  Jul 1820Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4640
3 DAY, Charles Gresley  Abt. Sep 1861Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4658
4 DAY, Elizabeth  Jul 1824Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4642
5 DAY, Isabella  abt. 1849Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4654
6 DAY, John  Jul 1757Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4624
7 DAY, John  Jun 1822Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4641
8 DAY, John R.  abt. 1852Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4652
9 DAY, Mary  Feb 1755Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4622
10 DAY, Mary Ann  abt. 1846Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4650
11 DAY, Mary Ann  abt. 1846Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4662
12 DAY, Sarah  abt. 1854Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4655
13 DAY, Sarah  abt. 1854Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4663
14 DAY, Thomas  Apr 1761Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4625
15 DAY, Thomas  abt. 1857Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4656
16 DAY, Thomas  abt. 1857Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4664
17 DAY, William  abt. 1645Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4599
18 DAY, William  Jun/Jul 1753Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4623
19 DAY, William  abt. 1795Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4634
20 DAY, William  abt. 1843Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4661
21 DAY, William  03 Nov 1826Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4643
22 WALTERS, Sarah  abt. 1836Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Hannah  28 Mar 1750Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4659
2 COOKE, Elizabeth  29 Aug 1811Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4621
3 DAY, John  27 Dec 1823Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4624
4 DAY, Mary  04 Apr 1759Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4622
5 DAY, Thomas  bef. 1764Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4625
6 DAY, William  Oct. 1826Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4634
7 DAY, William  21 May 1658Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4598
8 DAY, William  14 May 1759Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4623


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 HILL, Elizabeth  07 Apr 1861Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England I4380


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WALTERS / DAY  09 Dec 1835Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England F918
2 WESTON / DAY  09 Jan 1811Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, England F916