Latitude: 40.7143528 N, Longitude: 74.0059731 W


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BODDY, Claude  1892New York, United States I792
2 DEELLION, Rev. George Franklin  Abt. 1877New York, United States I6798
3 DOWNING, Naomi A  30 Oct 1821New York, United States I3343
4 FINOUT, Bertha  1857New York, United States I4845
5 HARRIS, John R  1818New York, United States I4860
6 JACOBS, Hiram  1802New York, United States I4873
7 LONGCORE, Ann M  Abt. 1844New York, United States I3366
8 LONGCORE, Elizabeth  Abt. 1842New York, United States I3365
9 LONGCORE, Frederick  Abt. 1858New York, United States I3340
10 LONGCORE, Hamilton  Abt. 1840New York, United States I3364
11 LONGCORE, Isabella  Abt. 1846New York, United States I3368
12 LONGCORE, John  Abt. 1800New York, United States I3344
13 LONGCORE, Levi  Abt. 1829New York, United States I3354
14 LONGCORE, Mary  Abt. 1835New York, United States I3353
15 LONGCORE, Randall  Abt. 1837New York, United States I3355
16 LONGCORE, Richard  1 Sept 1820New York, United States I3342
17 MARSON, Edwin  1 Mar 1905New York, United States I6795
18 PERKINS, Clara  1836New York, United States I1056
19 PERKINS, Horace  1841New York, United States I4907
20 PERKINS, Martin  1832New York, United States I4905
21 SMITH, Harriet  1815New York, United States I4904
22 STANHOPE, Elizabeth  Abt. 1805New York, United States I3352
23 WEATHERWAX, Andrew  1823New York, United States I4887


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 CADMAN, Charles  Sep 1873New York, United States I7486
2 CADMAN, William  Dec 1856New York, United States I7492
3 GRIFFITH, Griff  13 Jul 1863New York, United States I7542
4 HILL, John Joseph  Jun 1904New York, United States I1383
5 MARSON, John Edwin  14 Aug 1918New York, United States I6779
6 SYKES, Edith  8 Jun 1919New York, United States I6801
7 WORRELL, Elizabeth  1856New York, United States I7516


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Travelled    Person ID 
1 HILL, Alice May  Jun 1904New York, United States I1380
2 HILL, Ellen E  Jun 1904New York, United States I1379
3 JONES, Ellen Adelaide  Jun 1904New York, United States I1378