Newbold, Derbyshire, England



Latitude: 53.2557789, Longitude: -1.4465362


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  Abt. 1763Newbold, Derbyshire, England I5853
2 BARNETT, Alice Ann  Abt 1878Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7647
3 BARNETT, Charles  Abt 1855Newbold, Derbyshire, England I5635
4 BARNETT, Edith Annie  28 Jul 1886Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7651
5 BARNETT, Emily  Abt 1889Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7652
6 BARNETT, Joseph  Abt 1819Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7666
7 BARNETT, Joseph  Abt 1850Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7672
8 BARNETT, Joseph Luther  10 Oct 1883Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7650
9 BARNETT, Mary Thurza  4 Aug 1880Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7648
10 BARNETT, Rebecca  11 Jul 1881Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7649
11 BARNETT, Thomas William  Abt 1859Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7673
12 BRADBURY, Robert  Abt. 1813Newbold, Derbyshire, England I5856
13 BROWN, Abt. 1896  Abt. 1896Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6514
14 BROWN, Constance Nellie  Abt. 1887Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6513
15 CARTLEDGE, Frederick  Abt. 1865Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6502
16 COOK, Alfred J  1859Newbold, Derbyshire, England I3035
17 CROPPER, Clara  Abt. 1885Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6604
18 DOOLEY, Arthur Henry  Abt. 1876Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6160
19 DOOLEY, John Joseph  Abt. 1873Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6159
20 EDIS, Florence  1860Newbold, Derbyshire, England I1635
21 EDIS, Thomas Geo  1860Newbold, Derbyshire, England I1637
22 ESTHER, Sarah  Abt. 1827Newbold, Derbyshire, England I4684
23 FROGGATT, Annie  Abt. 1883Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6255
24 FROGGATT, Miriam  19 Sep 1903Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6249
25 FROGGATT, Richard Victor  25 May 1905Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6250
26 HIGGINBOTTOM, Frederick Samuel  1870Newbold, Derbyshire, England I4332
27 HILL, Minnie  1879Newbold, Derbyshire, England I581
28 HOLLINGWORTH, Alfred Luther  Abt 1870Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7664
29 HOLLINGWORTH, Alice  Abt 1865Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7662
30 HOLLINGWORTH, Edith  Abt 1861Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7661
31 HOLLINGWORTH, Emma  Abt 1858Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7646
32 HOLLINGWORTH, Martha H  Abt 1860Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7660
33 HOLLINGWORTH, Thomas Noah  Abt 1869Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7663
34 JEVONS, William  1868Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7133
35 KNIGHT, Emma  1867Newbold, Derbyshire, England I1280
36 MANKNELL, Annie  Abt. 1861Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6510
37 MANKNELL, Ellen  Abt. 1862Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6511
38 MITCHELL, Joseph  1831Newbold, Derbyshire, England I2373
39 MITCHELL, Sarah  26 May 1793Newbold, Derbyshire, England I5847
40 MOODY, Jasper  1840Newbold, Derbyshire, England I1360
41 MOODY, Thomas  1834Newbold, Derbyshire, England I1359
42 MOORE, John Thomas  Abt. 1851Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6642
43 MOORE, Mary A  Abt. 1853Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6643
44 MOSELEY, Annie  Abt 1890Newbold, Derbyshire, England I5637
45 MOSLEY, Clara  Abt. 1876Newbold, Derbyshire, England I5659
46 MOSLEY, Joseph  Abt. 1896Newbold, Derbyshire, England I5616
47 MOSLEY, Maggie  Abt. 1900Newbold, Derbyshire, England I5617
48 MOSLEY, Walter Charles  Abt. 1874Newbold, Derbyshire, England I5658
49 MOSLEY, William George  Abt. 1894Newbold, Derbyshire, England I5615
50 PEARSON, Sarah  Abt 1784Newbold, Derbyshire, England I6418

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SHORT, Martha Mosley  14 Jul 1887Newbold, Derbyshire, England I5554


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLAKESLEY, Brenda Cecilia  14 Jun 1989Newbold, Derbyshire, England I8286
2 HOLLINGWORTH, Emma  12 Dec 1912Newbold, Derbyshire, England I7646
3 JENKINSON, Isaac  Bef 6 Oct 1872Newbold, Derbyshire, England I8057


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barker / Short  1906Newbold, Derbyshire, England F1577
2 Johnson / MOSLEY  8 Aug 1870Newbold, Derbyshire, England F1206
3 MOSLEY / Walker  1892Newbold, Derbyshire, England F1171
4 Tagg / MOSLEY  5 Apr 1886Newbold, Derbyshire, England F1216


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Hollingworth / Marsden  1861Newbold, Derbyshire, England F1824