Totley, Derbyshire, England



Latitude: 53.3154480, Longitude: -1.5408949


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DALTON, Anna  1855Totley, Derbyshire, England I2155
2 DALTON, George  1850Totley, Derbyshire, England I2153
3 DALTON, Kerturah  1853Totley, Derbyshire, England I2154
4 DALTON, Mary Ann  1847Totley, Derbyshire, England I2143
5 DALTON, Sarah  1846Totley, Derbyshire, England I2152
6 DALTON, Thomas  1816Totley, Derbyshire, England I2150
7 FOX, Aaron  1848Totley, Derbyshire, England I1796
8 FOX, Hannah  1850Totley, Derbyshire, England I1795
9 FOX, Hiram  1846Totley, Derbyshire, England I1808
10 FOX, Martin  1841Totley, Derbyshire, England I1807
11 FOX, Mary  1844Totley, Derbyshire, England I1774
12 FOX, Thomas  1842Totley, Derbyshire, England I1794
13 GREEN, Isabella  Abt. 1864Totley, Derbyshire, England I5283
14 GREEN, Sampson  Abt. 1796Totley, Derbyshire, England I5316
15 PINDER, Thomas  Abt. 1824Totley, Derbyshire, England I5181
16 SHIRT, Herbert  Abt. 1870Totley, Derbyshire, England I6969
17 SHIRT, Septimus  Abt. 1869Totley, Derbyshire, England I6968
18 UNKNOWN, Mary  1818Totley, Derbyshire, England I1793
19 WARD, Ann  1821Totley, Derbyshire, England I2151

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