Family: Samuel FREEMAN
Henrietta RODGER

m. 26 Dec 1890


St John the Baptist, Staveley


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Linked toSt John the Baptist Church, Staveley, Derbyshire, England; Family: FREEMAN/Rodger (F2055) (Married); Family: Haywood/Marson (F1502) (Married); Family: MOSLEY/Berresford (F1130) (Married); Family: MOSLEY/CROPPER (F1120) (Married); Family: Richardson/Parsons (F1605) (Married); Family: Sharpe/Goodwin (F1833) (Married); Family: Sharpe/Goodwin (F1845) (Married); Alice BACON (Christening); Mary Hannah CROPPER (Christening); Leonard FREEMAN (Christening); William FREEMAN (Burial); Ann HUDSON (Christening); Hannah JINKINSON (Burial); Beatrice May MOSLEY (Christening); Doris MOSLEY (Christening); Elsie Jane MOSLEY (Christening); Fanny MOSLEY (Christening); Francis MOSLEY (Burial); Frederick MOSLEY (Christening); Herbert MOSLEY (Christening); Herbert Thomas MOSLEY (Christening); John MOSLEY (Burial); John William MOSLEY (Christening); Joseph MOSLEY (Christening); Mabel MOSLEY (Christening); Mary Ellen MOSLEY (Christening); Mary Lily MOSLEY (Christening); Willis MOSLEY (Christening); Ernest Stanley NORMAN (Christening); Herbert Henry SHARPE (Christening); Esther WIDDOWSON (Christening)