The family tree pages on this site contain a large and growing database of individuals and families. The information contained there is drawn from factual evidence still available today and therefore consists mainly of names, dates, places and events.

Unfortunately much of the context of this information is lost without further explanation of the historical setting. What were  living and working conditions like? How did the wider local or national events of the time affect these families? What were the major concerns for ordinary people such as those who make up our families? What were their housing conditions? How did they dress? What would their diet be like?

These are just a few of the questions which interest me when I look at the history of our families and the communities they lived in.

In a few rare cases, we have the benefit of stories or memories left behind by people who’s stories would otherwise never have been told. Two such stories from my direct ancestors are included here.  Alfred Ibberson and Elizabeth Webster lived very different lives and were influenced by vastly different events, yet both lived through the 19th century within a few miles of one another. Their stories have had a profound effect on my wish to learn more of my heritage.

I plan on adding further pages and articles over time which will help illustrate how previous generations lived their lives. There are also links to other sites which do a far better job than I at documenting some of these historical details.

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