Martin Mosley has been researching these histories for many years, and maintains this site for family members around the world.

It has surprised me to learn how often, and how far, our ancestors sometimes travelled in pursuit of work. Surviving records often track their movements.


Where our Ancestors Lived

Our ancestors frequently moved around the country, probably in search of work. Fortunately they left a trail behind themselves, in the form of Parish Records, Wills, sometimes deeds or lease documents.. More recently through census records and civil certificates. We’re going to be looking at some of the key places where our families made their mark, sometimes over the course of several centuries, sometimes for just a generation or two.

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  1. Marvis MoseleyJr

    I’m a descendant of slaves currently living in Marshall Texas, USA. Regardless of that fact, I am curiously interested in the British ancestors of the American line that planted that name in East Texas. I have read that the name Moseley (including all derivatives) was from the West Midlands area of England(or Britain?) whichever is correct. Thank you

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