I want to acknowledge the support of many individuals who have helped me in my research, and in the publication of this site.

First and foremost, my parents, who taught me the importance of families, and whose values I admire. I dedicate this site to the memory of Mum and Dad, who believed deeply in the values of family while knowing little of their heritage beyond their own grandparents.

I remember from my youngest days, the love and unfailing support, always unquestioned, that existed within our family. I also remember the visits to my Grandparents and Great Grandparents with fondness. It is without doubt their influence which eventually led to me asking the questions about our family history which lead to this site.

Secondly, to my own sons, for whom this site, and all my research has been undertaken. They represent the future, and I look to them with the same pride that I regard my ancestors and their achievements.

Among those who have given me support and encouragement, or who have contributed their own findings to my own research, I would particularly like to thank Stuart Hill. A chance posting on a local history notice board introduced me to Stuart. In the true spirit of our families, he was quick to send me enormous amounts of information and copies of documentation which he had worked tirelessly to unearth. We share very many common ancestors and I know that I would never have learned so much had it not been for Stuart’s infectious enthusiasm and his generosity in sharing his findings.

It is unlikely I shall ever achieve the degree of professionalism shown by Stuart in his research, and I suspect that I am only one of many people who owe him a debt of gratitude for the efforts he has made over many years.

James Drew made contact with me after visiting this site in an ongoing search for an elusive ancestor. It transpired we shared not only some common ancestry, but also a common desire to bring our family history to life. I have been stunned by the work that James has undertaken, and in particular, his skill and persistance in translating and transcribing documentary evidence.

James helped me in understanding the wider branches of my maternal family, and has given me encouragement to continue the development of this site as a resource available to all. I am indebted to James for his enthusiastic help, and wish him well in the future.

Les Ibberson did much work to uncover his roots and I have been grateful for his contributions. The Ibberson family has been difficult to trace, but Les demonstrated determination and to record his findings. He shared my interest in his Grandfather (and my GG Grandfather) whose story is told more fully by Les in these pages.

Lynn Wheaton has researched the Mayhew family and it’s links to the Mosley line, and I am pleased to have been able to exchange information with her which I trust has been of mutual assistance.

There are many others who have encouraged and inspired either my research or the development of this site. You know who you are, and I thank you sincerely.

Dad was proud of his heritage and of his family. This is the story of that heritage, which I in turn, am proud to continue.

I have been fortunate to meet generous and helpful people with an interest in these families, and many have been more helpful than they will ever realise. I want to thank you all. I fear I have not mentioned everyone by name, and that is my failing, it is not an indication of the value of help given.

If I have omitted specific thanks, I apologise. Please let me know and I’ll correct the error.

Finally, special thanks to my own family who have put up with my sometimes obsessive interest in dead people and in dusty documents. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy browsing the sites. Please do contact me if you have any queries or suggestions.

What You Can Expect to Find

It is sometimes surprising how much documentary evidence can be found, even for our humblest ancestors.

Wills, legal records, school attendance records, even maps…

Where I’ve found them, copies or transcripts are included on these sites.

For those of us researching from a distance, parish records can sometimes be difficult to verify. They are, however, vital to learning more about our families before civil registration began in 1837.

You will find either images or transcription references to these records for many individuals on my sites.

The memorials placed by family or friends on the death of a loved one can give an insight into the lives of those who lived before us.

Memorials in stone are also frequently more durable than other family documents. As such the inscriptions on headstones or memorial plaques are both a valuable and sometimes touching source of information.

Here I record the headstones, tombs and memorials with their inscriptions as they survive today. As time permits I plan to add further memorials.

The information on this site relates to my extended paternal family tree. Since you are here, it is probable that you share at least some relations with me.

You are free to browse and to learn from all I have published here. All I ask is that if you do find links, you let me know, so that we can add to what we already learned.

Please use the contact link below.

Do You Have Information About These Families?

I am always on the the lookout for more details relating to these families, including jobs, friends and interesting information about the places they’ve lived.