Martin Mosley has been researching these histories for many years, and maintains this site for family members around the world.

For much of the 20th century, British Pathé News brought world events to local communities. They too, have now passed into history, but the archive remains.


British Pathé

Remember those old news reels?

British Pathé News was established in 1896 and reported on all the great news stories of the world for 80 years to 1976. Even more important, they reported on local news, sports events, entertainment and the social issues of the day. Though British Pathé News last reported over thirty years ago, they left an archive of filmed material almost without equal. Today that material is available to us all in the comfort of our own homes. The British Pathé News website contains more than 90,000 video newsreels covering the entire range of the archive. Videos are available to view on the web site and can be downloaded for a small fee.

This unique resource illustrates the events and the issues which marked the 20th century. It will bring all those events to your desktop.

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