Martin Mosley has been researching these histories for many years, and maintains this site for family members around the world.

This is a hobby for most of us. There is no room for the spiteful vendetta of a fellow researcher who happens to disagree.


Who Makes it to these Pages?

This family history has never set out to only include my direct ancestors, or to restrict itself to ‘blood’ relatives. It is intended to set each generation in the context of related and associated families. Often the associations of one generation become relationships in another, and I am interested to see how that pattern develops through the centuries.

I don’t claim to have done all the research presented here, indeed I’m grateful to many people who have contributed over the past 15 or more years. They know who they are, and I remain convinced that we have learned far more as a result of cooperation, than we would each have done working alone. I’m also grateful for the friendships made as a result of this collaboration.

A year ago I felt obliged to remind visitors to one of my other sites that it is my choice to show extended families. It is not the same choice made by some family historians, but I will NOT apologise for doing this my way.

Yes, there are errors, no one can claim their work is entirely error free. But I have tried to cross reference everything, and to source supporting documentary evidence, not all of which is yet on the sites due to the limitations of time. I have added to, corrected and corroborated much of the information shared with me in earlier versions of the trees, and that work continues on an almost daily basis.

If you don’t like my approach, that is your prerogative. Feel free to move on and pursue your research in the manner which suits you. But please, do not argue falsely, that I am publishing deliberately inaccurate information. Do not expect me to respond to bully tactics, or to justify my choices.

Finally, if you have a genuine interest in anyone mentioned on this site, and I can help in any way, then I shall always be pleased to do so.